Lotto Zambia Procedures -

Lotto Zambia Procedures

1. Rules Status and Acceptance

1.1. These Lottery Rules (hereinafter – the "Rules") are an integral part of the Lotto Zambia Account Terms and Conditions (hereinafter – the "Terms").

1.2. These Rules apply to Games, played with Tickets purchased on the Website and in physical stores.

1.3. If there is a conflict between the provisions of any of the documents on the Website regarding the Game rules, Game specific rules will have priority, followed by these Rules, followed by the Terms.

2. Terms and Definitions

2.1. Fixed Prize – a fixed Prize in the Draw.

2.2. Funds – the amount of money earned by the Company from selling Tickets, deducting selling costs.

2.3. Line – line with numbers on a Ticket.

2.4. Pari-mutuel Prize – Prize in the Draw that is split between all Winning Tickets.

2.5. Prize Pool – the amount of money, allocated to a particular Draw.

2.6. Winning Numbers – six (6) random numbers, selected in a Draw.

2.7. Winning Ticket – a Ticket that contains at least one Line that matches the Winning Numbers and entitles you to the Prize, subject to the conditions of these Rules and the Terms.

2.8 All other terms have meanings, set forth by the Terms.

3. Playing the Game

3.1. The Game costs K5.00 to play per Line. If the Ticket you purchased has multiple Lines, the price of the Game shall equal to K5.00 multiplied by the number of Lines.

3.2. The Game takes place every Saturday at 9:00 PM CAT.

3.3. If you have used your Account to buy a Ticket and your purchase is not shown in the Transaction History and/or your Account due to a possible error, then that Ticket will not have been entered into any Draw.

4. Winning a Game

4.1. The Ticket with Winning Numbers is considered a Winning Ticket.

4.2. One Line can entitle you to only one Prize in the Game.

5. Allocation of Funds

5.1. Funds are allocated in the following way:

  • 40% of Funds are transferred to the Prize Pool;
  • 5% of Funds are donated to charity and sports activities.

6. Prizes and Odds of Winning

6.1. The table below sets forth the rules of Prize Pool distribution and the approximate odds of winning Prizes of different categories:

Prize Categories Prize Types Odds of Winning Prize
Match 6 (Jackpot) Pari-mutuel 1:1,947,792 82.10% of the Prize Pool is allocated to the Jackpot pool
Match 5 Pari-mutuel 1:10,821 Estimated: K1500.00
5.55% of the Prize Pool is allocated to the Match 5 pool
Match 4 Pari-mutuel 1:298.5 Estimated: K30.00
4.02% of the Prize Pool is allocated to the Match 4 pool
Match 3 Fixed 1:24 Fixed: K5.00
8.33% of the Prize Pool is allocated to the Match 3 pool

6.2. If the amount of funds, allocated to pools of Fixed Prizes is less than it is required for a Company to pay all the Prizes to owners of Winning Tickets, the Company will top up the pool from the funds allocated to the pools of Pari-mutuel Prizes. Thus, actual Pari-mutuel Prizes may be smaller than subject to the rules set forth in Section 6.1.

6.3. If the amount of funds, allocated to pools of Fixed Prizes exceed the amount the Company has to pay to owners of Winning Tickets, the excess funds will be used to increase the pools of Pari-mutuel Prizes at Company's discretion regarding their allocation.

7. Tickets Cancellation, Games Postponement, and Cancellation

7.1. You can cancel the purchase of the Ticket before you press the "Buy Ticket" button.

7.2. The Company reserves the right to postpone and withdraw any Games, subject to conditions of the Terms.

8. Contact Information

8.1. Should you have any comments, questions or complaints, please contact us at [email protected].