Best casino in Zambia to play in 2020

People around the world love different forms of entertainment. Gambling is one of the most popular, because it provides huge emotions, and it is a great way to raise the level of adrenaline. If the player is lucky, it also gives the opportunity to win real money. Games played in casinos are an extremely popular form of gambling. I think everyone has ever heard of casino industry in Las Vegas, USA, where the gambling industry is highly developed and attracts people from around the world seeking emotions. And what about the situation in Zambia? Can you find a good casino and casino games in Zambia? Which one is worth recommending in 2020? Which casino games are the most famous among casino players? Which casino is licensed and regulated? Do you need to have a casino gaming experience? How to gamble responsibly Please, read carefully the article and find all the answers about the best online casino, which offers something for everyone.

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Casino in Zambia - one of the best amusements


Let's start with the fact that in Zambia gambling is really very popular, as in many other African countries. Zambia has many traditional, land-based houses of casino with table games, new slot games, in the largest cities in the country. Such casino need to be licensed and regulated by the Zambian government to offer its services, and can open local branches in accordance with the law.


Most casinos in Zambia are located in Lusaka. There are currently 10 of them (licensed and regulated) in the country capital. Most often, a casino is being built near restaurants, hotels or shopping centers, wherever you can find many tourists. There is no denying that Zambian gambling is largely intended for those who come to Zambia to play in luxury casino. Both advanced and novice players will find something for themselves. Casino prepares the proposal so it is varied and attractive to everyone.


Stationary casino guarantees games such as slots, dice, roulette blackjack, table games, new poker or baccarat. They are open until late at night. Zambian casino often has private gaming rooms with VIP casino table, better game and luxury services such as limousines, gourmet cuisine and a variety of spirits from around the world to make their proposal even more attractive. VIP casino games are dedicated to the players with a big wallet and great casino experience. In VIP rooms a first deposit is much bigger than in a standard casino play room.


Casino online - how to play online casino games


You won’t find a Zambian casino online with casino games. This does not mean, however, that Zambians cannot participate in online gambling. On the contrary! The law does not prohibit the use of online gambling, so players from Zambia can use international online casino and online casino games.


There are hundreds of different online casinos that accept players from Zambia. Owners are well aware of the fact that online casino is a more convenient way of playing and enjoying gambling entertainment. What's more, in Zambia, around 60% of residents have cell phones with Internet access, so they are a very good target group. What is more, some of them have online casino experience, so thanks to the mobile device they can play in a live casino, use jackpot slots, video slots, free spins, and play to win real money.


Zambians love having fun, willingly use the proposal of online betting and lotteries available online. Online casino is also famous and attracts more and more players. Every year, more and more citizens decide to play online casino games, because the games are available 7 days a week, around the clock, and you can play without leaving your home, sitting comfortably in your armchair.


The best casino in Zambia in 2020 – our picks and recommendations


If you are wondering which casino provides the best services in Zambia in 2020 - take a moment and familiarize yourself with our casino offers, which we think are the most attractive and trustworthy. We are convinced that it is these places that will enjoy the greatest recognition of customers this year. We would like to present to you some traditional casinos and the best online casinos with real money, free spins, the best mobile casino app for Android, and the best offer of casino games online.


Top land-based casinos in Lusaka

Emperor Palace Casino classic

Emperor Palace Casino, which is located in the luxurious Embassy Mall in Lusaka, boasts a very attractive offer. Here, guests can expect world-class service and offers to encourage customers to remain a loyal, and by that we mean loyalty programs and daily draws of attractive prizes. For guests who expect premium quality, so-called Senators Lounge has been created. It is a private space to play that only invited players and VIP members can access. Private service employees are waiting here to ensure the comfort of players who are offered luxury alcohol in lobby and new casino games with higher prizes. The most attractive games on offer include various types of roulette, classic poker, dice, baccarat and blackjack live. There are 9 game tables, two tables dedicated to Texas Hold'em and 64 slot machine with the most popular slot games in the main part of the casino.


Lusaka Royal Casino exclusive

Another casino that we can definitely recommend is the Lusaka Royale Casino located in the capital of the country. This is another prestigious casino near the popular hotel, launched at Arcades Shopping. International Gaming Africa group is the casino owner and operator. Lusaka Royal Casino has won many awards as the best entertainment and gambling place in the capital and throughout Zambia. In addition to roulette, slot machines, baccarat and blackjack live, hot Raise'Em Poker has a very important place in the offer. The property provides 9 tables for card games and as many as 156 new slot machines.


The most popular online casinos in Zambia

Bet365 - one of the best online casinos

Bet365 is an online casino that is worth checking out. The company is known primarily for bookmaking offer, but also offers access to an online casino with a wide range of games. Online casino Bet365 is a reputable company that has been operating since 2000, so it has a vast experience. From the very beginning, the company's goal was to create a well-functioning website that will work perfectly in every place on the planet and on every browser. This can be seen when using the bet365 online casino, which works smoothly on any mobile device. Bet365 can be accessed with a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile application for mobile phones (you can download a new bet365 mobile casino app for Android and iOS). The offer of live casino includes various video slots, card games, various poker variants, roulette blackjack, video poker and live games section with Book of Ra deluxe, Riches Megaways and progressive jackpot. In addition, attractive bonuses are offered to customers of best online casino, e.g. a 100% welcome bonus.


Top Betway online casino games


Betway (under the supervision of UK Gambling Commission) is the second online casino worth checking out. This is a company that has also started its activity by offering bookmaker bets. Established in 2006, so it also has a lot of experience in the industry and has a group of regular customers, also from Zambia. A wide range of games (for example casino table games, jackpot slots, roulette, Book of Ra), the opportunity to play with the live dealer, attractive bonuses are the main advantages of Betway. In addition, the company offers numerous promotional campaigns and occasional bonuses that further encourage players to regularly use the offer of online casino with new online slots. Users of the mobile version, including players from Zambia, appreciate the modern and well-designed application that works flawlessly on any device.

If you need more information about new online casino games, live roulette, daily bonuses, progressive jackpot, online slots, how to gamble responsibly, the Gambling Commission, and the best online casino offer - you can contact us and ask. You have a right to make sure that you will pick the best online casino. You are always welcome!


Our tips for casino betting fans without any experience

As a customer, you are always welcome in the live casino to play roulette, blackjack, and other betting slots and games. New customers are a main goal of gaming brands. Please, remember that you are playing for real money and if you won't be lucky, you will lose your real cash. Online casino is a real house of gaming, roulette, blackjack, deluxe slots machines, progressive jackpot, loyalty bonus, free spins, table games, and real deposit. As in a traditional casino, you are playing for real, but the difference is that you can play at home, right?

In an online casino, you have to play responsibly, even if you like a risk and huge adrenaline, like in Vegas. The first step is to make sure that you are playing in a real casino, which is regulated and have a license issued by the state or reliable gambling regulator (for example UK Gambling Commission), where your deposit and cash will be safe.


If you like to have fun and you want to enjoy your time in a regulated online house of gaming, choose a casino with a huge portfolio. The best live casino offers free spins, deluxe betting slots, jackpots, roulette, new Megaways, blackjack live, exclusive betting bonus, mobile app, video slots, and a live support with help on the time. Open your account on the site where you can make the first deposit with a small amount of money. If you will like the gamble and all the interesting live hot games will be available in the company, you can deposit more money.

When you need any help with a player's account, new bonus, favourite jackpots, roulette, blackjack or you don't know which features to choose, you can always contact the support of the site by email or phone number. Perfectly working support will help you with all the details of your account, playing at home thanks to the site. Time to time you can even try to get a special bonus to play roulette and to try next options from a portfolio of your favourite betting site.


Before you will play with a real deposit bonus always remember to check out all the rules of use. You can get a bonus fron casino online, but regulated and non-regulated brands very often require a very large bonus turnover before withdrawal. If you want to enjoy your time and have fun with jackpots, slot games, the most innovative casino game features, play responsibly, and always be careful.

When you will choose and join as a member of the best licensed company with the biggest selection, you may play for a real mega prize. You can see that as a customer you can use millions of extra options like King Fortune gold slot, Starburst, baccarat, and roulette live dealers, advanced help available during the day, and even at night, a super-advanced app for Android to download, extra promotions and interesting content with tips and news. As a registered user, you can play with the best dealers for the best winnings and riches. Always keep calm and play carefully and be responsible for your action!

If you want to be a customer of sites designed to be used by real jackpot and sports spin fans - choose the best option from thousands of sites and hundreds of promotions and keep calm even if you lose. Don't play in casino games with real money, which is intended for other payment.

It is good to download an official Android or iOS app of the casino to play in a real casino wherever and whenever you would like to play. You can also register your account on sites with casino games, promotions, big winnings and promotions. Thanks to the app it is easy to make a payment and get bonuses.


Best casino alternatives in Zambia - lottery games jackpots


Without a doubt, the games that every casino provides guarantee very high emotions and give you the chance to win real money. However, to play for really huge money, you should consider using an alternative offer, which is definitely more safe than gambling and online casino games. By that we mean lotteries, which are also very popular among Zambians.


betpawa jackpot

GG World X and GG World Million - what is your lucky number?


LottoZambia offers the opportunity to play two lotteries that give you the chance to win attractive cash prizes and jackpots. GG World X and GG World Million are lotteries in which you must predict the numbers that will be selected during the draw. If the player correctly picks the numbers and buys the official lottery ticket - he will be able to collect a huge win: as much as K180,000,000 in GG World X and K18,000,000 when playing GG World Million. Check out the jackpots for the next draw and find out how much you can get.


It is worth considering how long you should play casino games offered by the casino and how much real money you should bet to be able to win such big prizes as those offered by GG lotteries. For both casino games and lotto games, the player needs luck. In casinos you take a lot more risk, you can lose even your whole life savings, and playing lotto you only need to buy one lucky ticket. The risk is much smaller in lotto and the rewards, which you can get, are much more noteworthy.


Well, do you have your lucky number, which you like the most?

If you want to make sure that GG World games are worth to get your attention - check out more information at LottoZambia and play online with us! Every single player is always welcome! Enjoy!