Betting sites in Zambia

Zambia is one of the African countries where the gambling industry is growing rapidly. Among millions of residents, you can easily find sports fans for whom emotions associated with sport are a way to break away from everyday problems and worries. Many residents dream of changing their lives, gain financial stability and be able to ensure a better future for themselves and their loved ones. The passion for sport and emotions as well as the desire to improve the standard of living mean that more and more inhabitants of this country search for gambling and bet on various sports like football or tennis. Please, take a while to read our guide about the top and best sites.


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Betting in Zambia


Africans love to have fun and huge emotions, which can be seen even at sports events when representations of African countries take part. Supporting national teams provides adrenaline, allows to release emotions, to emphasize national pride. It is enough to look at the stands during the matches of the national teams and see the engaged African fans.


It is no wonder then that more and more bet companies are deciding to expand towards countries such as Nigeria or, Cameroon and allows sports betting. These companies know very well that the African continent means millions of football, martial arts, basketball, athletics and tennis fans. So why not give them even greater emotions and offer them the possibility to bet on the results of sporting events? What's interesting, some offer free bets!


Football is an absolute hit in African countries. All national team matches attract the interest of fans who watch matches on TV, follow every play, every action, every ball. Companies offering bets attract new users with a wide range of matches - not only local teams, but also national teams or major leagues in the world, e.g. the English, French, Spanish or German leagues.


The most popular gaming and best betting sites in Zambia offer tens of thousands of matches to bet every month, and to diversify the fun for users, they offer not only type of bets with odds based on the choice of the winner. Players can bet which team will receive the yellow card first, which player will score first, how many goals will be scored in the match, or how many corners there will be in the match. Please, let us help you with choosing the best sites to bet, have fun (some offer free bets), so you don't have to search on your own anymore. It's your time to win, so let us present best betting sites.



The best betting sites in Zambia 


Due to the very high interest of Zambians in terms of number, the number of bet companies who offer their gaming services online is constantly growing. It should be emphasized that, according to law, there are no prohibitions for the citizens of this country from playing online with foreign bookmakers online. This is used by the largest bet companies in the world that see great potential when it comes to sports betting. Of course, local bookmakers and international bookmakers who have obtained a business license from the Zambian government are available to bet online.


Regulations do not mean that sites with a licensed and regulated are the best betting sites in Zambia. Bookmakers who are known all over the world enjoy the greatest interest among bettors. The lack of a license does not mean illegal activity. However, given the fact that to day most players prefer to bet online through sites in Zambia, licenses are not that important. More important is the variety of offers, courses, offered bonuses or the possibility of using live in-play services with a mobile phone, good odds or bonus. Lets get back to the sites.


The most popular sports betting sites in Zambia are primarily betPawa, Betway, CaslteBet, BolaBet and bet365. These sites are trusted by several million Zambian fans of sports emotions, betting, big winnings and odds that can pay off, good support, free bets, bonus and many deposit methods. Have a look please which ones are the best.




Bet365 doesn’t really need a special introduction. It is one of the industry leaders that serves customers from around the world. In Zambia, bettors can take advantage of tens of thousands of matches during the month for online betting, with many attractive bonus, including the welcome bonus or the option of watching matches live. There are numerous deposit methods to use available.




The second international bet company that occupies an important place among betting sites in Zambia is Betway. Unlike bet365 - this company has a license issued by the Zambian government, and therefore has the ability to open land-based outlets. Betway is very closely associated with football as a sponsor of West Ham United as the company focuses on football mostly. In addition, the company offers bettors numerous e-sports and many other sports: racing, although you won't find table tennis or cricket here.




CastleBet needs to be mentioned in our list of betting sites. It is a British bookmaker, which offers sports betting online and at stationary sales points in Lusaka and many other Zambian cities. The licensed bookmaker obviously focuses primarily on football leagues, guarantees numerous bonuses, and attracts new customers with a modern and constantly developed application for smartphones.




BetPawa is a trustworthy and recommendable online gambling bookmaker, definitely one to have a place among the top ones, who has a huge betting offer with nice odds for players and some bonus too. It is an African brand that uses its extensive industry experience and excellent knowledge of local markets. BetPawa excels when compared to other live betting sites in Zambia because it offers a minimum price of just K1, as well as the pawaBoosts option, which increases the chances of winning. betPawa gives its users several deposit methods.




BolaBet is a bet company, with the main office located in Lusaka. BolaBet offers betting at several dozen stationary sales points in Zambia, and also online betting. Unlike one of the other bookmakers mentioned above, this company is limited only to football and offers bets on live league matches from around the world, including Belarus, South Korea, Italy, Greece or Germany, Portugal and Spain. Are you a fan of other sports such as racing, table tennis, or horse racing ? Unfortunately, you won't find it here, but you can check the bonus offer.


It is worth choosing your favorite sports betting site in Zambia and place bets on the results of your favorite team's matches live. We recommend caution when using little-known bookmaking sites with live betting. You can start with free bets if you really want to check their offer. When it comes to those we’ve covered, you can certainly trust and bet without worrying about any difficulties in paying out winnings. 


Lottery as an alternative for betting sites


Speaking of sports betting and online betting, it's worth referring to lotteries that are very popular. Just beside betting on the results of sporting events, betting on the numbers selected during the lottery draw is also very popular. As in the case of sport and live betting, lotteries bring huge emotions, and at the same time give you the chance for large cash prizes.


betting zambia

GG World X lottery is a great new example, providing the possibility to play for a real fortune – K180,000,000. How many accurate bets would you have to place at a bookmaker with good odds to win as much money? In the case lotteries, if you're lucky, you only need a single lottery ticket (and the price is really low!) with the correct numbers to claim an amazing prize. Don’t hesitate, pick your numbers and get a ticket now!