Influencer Program

For Celebrities, Brand ambassadors, Webmasters, Influencers, Social media users, and other online entrepreneurs.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a LottoZambia Lottery partner. Bring even more value when playing your favorite GG World Millions, GG World X lottery, and GG World Keno game, achieve a stable income, and help others build their dreams and lottery business.

Realize the value of your influence

Join us on the LottoZambia program for free to discover paid opportunities for your social influence.

Earn fixed fee per post & Lifetime monthly commission

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Types of Social Media Influencers

The level of organization displayed by the Zambian lotto is at another level. All the lottery influencers are easy to identify as


How It Works:

Once we finalized the agreement and commission structure, the influencer can do what they do best – share the LottoZambia content about services and lottery products that their audiences can enjoy reading, hearing, or watching.

Get instant responses to your questions

If you have questions about the Zambian lotto Influencer program, You can WhatsApp or call our Partner’s Management team and you will get instant feedback. The kind of interaction that our team has is professional and courteous so you can ask any question.

Our support philosophy

Our Influencers learn to make money while making money.  As soon as you join the program, we'll immediately concentrate on helping you generate your first income and then keep compounding on your performance over time.

Do I need money to start?

Social Media Influencer program is a business without investment requirements.

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Learn more about the Influencer Program

The experience of being a lottery brand ambassador is as exciting as the one the clients get for having to be here. If you want to be an affiliate partner, you can contact us today and start experiencing the excitement. In addition to the excitement of promoting Lotto Zambia, you will also be making a lot of money. So click here and become an authorized lottery ambassador.

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