M-Bet Zambia - review of the current bookmaker's offer

M-Bet Zambia - review of the current bookmaker's offer

There are many bookmaker companies in Zambia that offer their services mainly online. This is because Zambian law does not prohibit its citizens from using new online bookmakers that do not have a national license to operate. The possibility of betting on the results of football matches or other sports is very popular among Zambian fans of sports and big emotions. Bookmakers, such as M-Bet Zambia, find this country as a perfect market for their operations.


Today we would like to present our opinion on the current betting offer of the M-Bet Zambia, which is one of the leaders on the local market. If you want to learn more about M-Bet Zambia services and win - we invite you to read our article about their business.


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M-Bet Zambia – popular African bookmaker 


The M-Bet bookmaker licensed by the Gaming Board of Zambia has been operating for several years, offering its betting services not only in Zambia, but also in Tanzania, Kenya and Congo. Thanks to its broad target group, M-Bet Zambia reaches millions of new African mobile users with its offer. Bets with attractive odds are offered online, there are no stationary sales points in Zambia.


The main goal of M-Bet bookmaker is to provide high-quality services in a mobile form, using the most popular online payment methods. Services are available in a new mobile smartphone app (you can download it from Google Play) and  the official M-Bet Zambia website, which stands out from the competition with a smooth graphic design and intuitive interface.


Registering a new M-Bet Zambia account is very simple. You can register M-Bet account using a mobile phone and mobile app (you can download it from Google Play) or M-Bet Zambia website. It is worth remembering that M-Bet players registering through the Zambian version of the bookmaker's website can only play from Zambia. It also means that foreigners cannot use the services of M-Bet Zambia account (except Tanzania, Kenya and Congo, which use a dedicated M-Bet version).


Negative reviews of M-Bet are difficult to find among customer reviews of M-Bet Zambia. M-Bet customers are satisfied with the level of services, M-Bet Zambia website and mobile app (you can download it from Google Play), the variety of sport disciplines to bet on or the offered bonuses and support. They know their business.


M-Bet Zambia Offer


Same as any other bookmaker operating in African countries, M-Bet Zambia emphasizes football game in its offer. The reason is simple, this discipline is the #1 sport in all of Africa, where every little boy would like to be like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Samuel Eto'o. Every day, M-Bet customers can bet on around 1,000 matches from various leagues in the world. Various types of betting are available at M-Bet : 1X2, double chance, over/under, both teams to score and numerous Asian handicap options. Live matches and pre-match game bets with nice odds are also available at M bet.


M-Bet Perfect12 is an interesting point in the offer of this bookmaker. At M-Bet Zambia it works on the principle of jackpots popular in Africa. The player's task is to predict the results of 12 basic matches and 5 additional matches, which will be taken into account if any of the basic matches were canceled or interrupted. The cost of M-Bet coupon with 17 bets is K3. To win the M-Bet Zambia jackpot you must accurately predict the results of all 12 basic matches. Do you have a favourite team?



M-Bet Zambia company also provides lower-tier prizes for people who correctly predict the results of  11, 10 or 9 matches. In the event that there is no winner in the given category, the prize pool goes to the next Perfect12 M-Bet Zambia bet. In a situation where more than one person correctly predicts the results of 12, 11, 10 or 9 matches - the prize pool is divided equally among the M-Bet Zambia winners of a given category. The matches to bet on are selected M-Bet Zambia from 5 different leagues or types of game, e.g. national league, World Championship, African Nations Cup, Champions League, European Championship, and other team games.


Fans of other disciplines than football will also find something in the betting offer. M-Bet Zambia offers boxing, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, volleyball, cricket, badminton, mma, darts and even baseball and American football.


All the bets at M-Bet can be made by the player himself based on his sports knowledge or use the quick pick option, which randomly picks the bet for the player. 


M-Bet Zambia Deposits and win withdrawals


Deposits and win withdrawals of winnings at M-Bet Zambia can be made using online wallets available in Zambia. Using a mobile phone, you can fund your account via Airtel, MTN and Zamtel. There are no payment methods in M-Bet Zambia such as Skrill, Paypal or Neteller and credit cards.


Withdrawal of M-Bet Zambia winnings takes place in exactly the same way, using Zambian online wallets.


Thanks to this solution, M-Bet owners can be sure that only Zambia players use the services.


M-Bet Zambia bonus for regular players


To encourage the M-Bet Zambia players to bet regularly, the M-Bet Zambia company offers a K2 bonus for every 10 coupons and every K20 spent on sports betting. The promotion is available to new and regular M-Bet Zambia customers who meet the conditions for receiving the bonus. The additional amount for play and fun will be automatically added to the player's account.


There are no welcome or occasional bonuses at M-Bet that attract new customers to competing companies. This can be considered a serious drawback by many, because additional funds up to 100% of the deposit amount is always a tempting option.


On the other hand, it is worth considering whether it is better to receive a one-time welcome M-Bet Zambia bonus or are more profitable for bonuses for regular players, which are obtained each time you spend K20.




M-Bet Zambia stands out with its more advanced graphics and website interface among African bookmakers. Undoubtedly, it can compete for the leader's position with African or Zambian bookmaker, but M-Bet is still a long way from international brands such as bet365 or Castle Bet.


As for the M-Bet Zambia company sport disciplines offer - it does not differ from the standard that has been developed for African countries. It is no surprise to anyone that the M-Bet offer is based primarily on football.


In our opinion, there are definitely better sports betting offers available in Zambia, but we will continue to look at M-Bet Zambia and keep our fingers crossed for its development.


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M-Bet alternatives


If you’d like to try something slightly different than sports betting at M-Bet and you are looking for an attractive offer that will bring you huge emotions, LottoZambia.com has got you covered. Lotteries bring even bigger emotions than betting on football matches and other sports events at M-Bet. The reason is simple. Prizes in lotteries are way bigger than the ones you can claim using the services of such bookmakers as M-Bet Zambia, you may win much more.


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