MTN Mobile Money

MTN mobile money is the easiest way of transferring funds and making payments for almost six million voice services users of MTN in Zambia. MTN mobile money accounts have lately grown to nearly four millions, highly surpassing the number of traditional bank accounts seen at only one million. Check out our guide and answers about using MTN mobile money!

Who can use mtn mobile money in Zambia?

Anyone who has a mobile money account can use the service to send a receive funds instantly, using a mobile phone. It only takes being subscribed with a mobile money account that is active and fully registered.

How long does it take to receive funds using MTN mobile money in Zambia?

Most of the transactions are almost instant so the speed of the service is really fast. That’s one of the reasons why mtn mobile money has lately become so popular. Both the sender and the recipient are notified with a text message and an email when the transaction is finished. Due to regulations, sometimes the operator may ask for some more details by email.


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What are the currencies that may be used to send by mtn mobile money?

In Zambia, only the national currency, Zambian Kwacha may be sent.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts one can send?

You can send up to 12,000K with a single transaction. Remember that the recipient needs to have the possibility to receive such amount. Sometimes it’s needed to reduce the account’s balance, so the transfer wouldn’t fail.

What do I have to know about the recipient to send mtn mobile money?

Full name

You need to enter full name of the person you’re sending money to. Make sure that the entered name is the same as the one on the recipient’s mobile money account so there would be no problems with processing the transaction.


Here you just need to enter the city where the person you’re sending money to is living.

Mobile money account number

That’s probably the most important thing you need to know, so make sure you won’t make a mistake while providing the account number while using mtn mobile money transfer. Double checking is always the best way to avoid a mistake. Also remember that the account you’re sending your money to must be fully registered and activated. The account numbers has 9 digits and MTN numbers always start with 96.

Mobile number for contact purposes

This number is used for receiving notifications when the transfer has been processed. This number may vary from the one used as the mtn mobile money account number.

Sending reason

You need to enter the reason of the transfer like „help for family”, „help for a friend” „purchase of goods”, „payment for services” or anything else that actually is the reason why your sending a mtn mobile money transfer.

Last but not least: always double check all the details of the transfer’s recipient. Once the transaction is made, it may be difficult to cancel or amend it. Make sure you won’t make a mistake while providing the data required to process the transaction.


mtn mobile money