Sports betting in Zambia - How to play

It is widely known that gambling is very popular in African countries. There are numerous luxury casinos (also casino online gambling, where you may placing bet), the lottery industry (lotto with good odds) is thriving, and sports betting is one of the favorite forms of entertainment of millions of players. The population of Zambia is over 17 million inhabitants, of which several million are lovers of huge emotions and adrenaline spikes and betting games. Sports betting in Zambia is trendy mainly because Zambians love football, baseball, table tennis, virtual sports, rugby, basketball, online sports games and support their favourite local teams, foreign teams, every favourite player and especially the national team very lively. What possibilities sports and online betting fans have? How they may place bet live and win daily?


sports betting zambia


Is sports betting legal in Zambia?

As in many African countries, sports betting in Zambia and live betting on match results is 100% legal. Enthusiasts of this type of entertainment can benefit not only from domestic companies offering sports betting in Zambia under a license issued by the government, but also from foreign bookmakers with online betting sites and platforms who operate under international licenses. Using the services and sites of companies that do not have any reliable license is not prohibited, but it involves a considerable risk.


It is worth emphasizing that all forms of gambling (online gambling and online sports also) in this country are dedicated to adults over 18 years old, who want to place bet and have a chance to win. This age is required to join international gaming and gambling world.


Sports betting in Zambia – land-based sales points 

There are numerous stationary regulated and licensed points of the most popular bookmakers available throughout the country, where you may bet daily on various sporting events (for example you can place bets on live football betting, table tennis, online sports). Only adults are allowed to enter such gambling sales points with license and place bets. On site, you may choose from many sports markets, depending on the portfolio of a specific bookmaker and place bet. For example, BolaBet, the most well-known Zambian regulated and licensed bookmaker, focuses exclusively on the favorite sport of the citizens, football. British CastleBet, which has its points of sale, among others in Lusaka, provides the possibility to bet on football, but also offers other disciplines such as cricket, baseball, tennis, MMA, boxing, table tennis and basketball and has really good odds.


If you want to bet on football, especially during major international events such as the African Nations Cup or World Championship, World Cup qualifications or friendly meetings, you must be aware that large queues form at sports bets stationary outlets. For every Zambian supporter of the favorite national team Chipolopolo, the possibility of online sports bets on match results is an additional attraction that makes the emotions of watching the match even greater.


To use the propositions of traditional points of sale in your country, it is worth to search and find the greatest bookmaker. In Lusaka, the national bookmaker BolaBet boasts the largest number of sales points. There are over 20 of them in the capital alone, which undoubtedly indicates a very high interest in sports bets services.


Sports betting online 

Over 60% of Zambians have a mobile phone with internet access. No wonder that they are an excellent target for bookmakers who offer live online sports betting in Zambia. To encourage the use of their offer, they offer numerous bonuses that allow risk-free betting. Bookmaking companies with online betting wanting to gain the interest of Zambian residents who spend a lot of time on the Internet and deal with more and more matters this way, offer thousands of football events to bet. Leagues from around the world, including Korean leagues, American MLS, Italian A series, Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga, UEFA Cup are available in portfolio of such giants as bet365, Castlebet (UK gambling) or Betway (UK gambling) with great promotions. Big teams, the best athletes and the biggest games attract Zambian people like a magnet! The next motivatior to choose mobile bet and sports gaming are good promotions and big odds.


Undoubtedly sports betting online is more convenient, efficient and faster than the traditional form of bookmaking. By choosing the offer of mobile bookmakers name as Castlebet and Betway you may bet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You may bet the results of sporting events sitting comfortably at home, taking a bus to work or waiting in line to the doctor. All you need is a mobile phone with the app, an Internet connection with betting sites, email address and online payment methods to make a deposit. It's easy. Just click and register.


The African top company betPawa with a licence is one of the most famous bookmakers who offer online sports betting, casino, placing bets, targeting its services to players in Zambia, Uganda and Kenya markets. The company guarantee place bets for just K1 and the best odds! The offer includes numerous football matches (league from Germany, league from Portugal, league from Belarus), rugby, tennis, table tennis, basketball, in-play and e-sports, and therefore disciplines that are of most interest to Zambians. PawaBoost option is worth mentioning, thanks to which you can win more by online betting on the favorites of the match. This is a regulated and licensed brand with a modern app.


Bet365 today is also very famous (one of the most famous platforms to bet) and has one of the best odds, casino, gambling commission and interesting promotions. This top company does not have a Zambian licence, but thanks to its extensive experience and excellent opinion, it enjoys the recognition of customers. The bet365 offer includes over 40 different sports, including niche types sports such as ski jumping, baseball, darts, water polo, virtual sports and athletics. Of course, football is the most important part of the portfolio (for example: leagues from Spain, leagues from Germany, leagues from France, league 4 5, etc.). The bookmaker boasts a very extensive range of football-related bets. The company is not limited to betting on only the winner of the match, but also offers additional options, such as in-play, popular Asian handicaps, betting below/above or live betting and many other kinds of bets. All the new bettors are always welcome in the popular markets.


The choice of Internet bookmakers is much larger of course (Betway, CastleBet, BolaBet, and at least 4 5 more etc.). Sports betting in Zambia is a great market. However, the companies mentioned above enjoy the greatest popularity among Zambian fans. In our opinion, these are bookmakers that you may trust and who will certainly provide a lot of excitement and a great gambling commission.


So what do you think about the amusement markets? Do you want to place bet for example at Betway or bet365 sites, pick cricket or football and win some money? Check out the odds of winning and try your luck. If you have any questions about the market and odds - we are waiting your email.

Please remember to play responsibly.


sports betting zambia


Try lotto gambling

Lotteries allowing to claim impressive prizes are a great alternative for those who seek emotions. Same as sports betting, lotto is highly popular in Zambia. Two new games with licence are especially worth mentioning, as they have gained much attention among players in Africa – GG World X and GG World Million. They have good odds of winning any prize. You definitely should remember the name of those games and join the club of fans, who love to select lucky number.


GG World X and GG World Million are available at licensed LottoZambia website and in every licensed land-based points of sale. It’s worth mentioning that part of the ticket sales income is used to support the development of football throughout the country and also support the national team.


All it takes to play for K180,000,000 in GG World X and K18,000,000 in GG World Million is registering an account at LottoZambia. If you’re lucky enough, you may become an instant millionaire with just one lucky ticket. Don't waste your time and click to register. We are sure that you will like or even love GG World! So do you have your favourite number or numbers, which you like? Maybe it is 4 5?


If you want to get more information about the odds, our licence and how to play responsibly - you don't have to search them. You may contact us by email or phone to get some interesting and useful information and use it on the site.

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