GG World Keno – the best Keno in Zambia!

Great news in Zambia! The world’s top lottery game, GG World Keno is now an official national lottery. After every 4 minutes, GG World Keno gives Zambians a chance to win amazing cash prizes. All that you have to do is to start playing today and stand a chance to win millions.

What are the rules of GG World Keno?

If you are new to GG World Keno, you should go through the rules that will guide how to play the game.

Selecting lucky numbers

Once you buy a ticket, you can go ahead to pick your lucky numbers. In every ticket, you can pick 1-10 numbers from a pool of 1-70. You can either pick the numbers manually or use the quick-pick tool that selects lucky numbers for you randomly.

GG World Keno’s draw takes place every 4 minutes. This means that players have a chance of winning every 4 minutes. Winning is very simple; you simply need to match the numbers that you have picked and if they are correct, you win.

GG World Keno



Every ticket has a maximum of 10 lines and a single has a stake of K10. Remember, the higher the stake, the more your winnings will be if you match the correct numbers.

You can play GG World Keno online or buy tickets from a local agent.

How Can You Win?

Every lottery player is always motivated by the amount of money that can be won. Well, GG World Keno doesn’t disappoint its players. Here you can win a lot of money when playing. The amount of money that you win depends on how much you put at stake. Regular winnings can go up to K1,000,000. If you are playing for a jackpot, the amount can get up to K10 Million.

This amount is sufficient enough to change your life.

Why Is It Worth playing GG World Keno?

Here are some reasons why you should play GG World Keno in Zambia:

Easy to play

The game is easy. You don’t need prior experience to start playing this game. The quick-pick tool makes it even easier for you to choose your numbers on the go. Furthermore, you can play it online or buy tickets from a physical store.


When playing GG World Keno, you join millions of other people globally in enjoying the fun that comes with this game. Keno is one of the oldest and fun to play lottery games.

Huge winnings

The winning potential here is great. You can win up to K10 million if you are playing the jackpot. There are also other exciting cash prizes that you can win regularly.

What to Do When You Hit a Huge Cash Prize?

Winning is a common occurrence in GG World Keno. You should be prepared in the eventuality that you win. If you check the latest Zambian lotto results on this page and find that you have won a big prize, here are some of the options that you have:


You should secure your financial independence by investing the money in a solid investment option. For example, you can invest in real estate or start a business that will protect your money. Always involve a financial advisor to guide your investment decisions.

Travel around the world

You can use the winnings to actualize your holiday dreams. This is your opportunity to travel around the world and visit the exotic places you’ve always wanted to see. Just don’t forget to check out the top destinations in the world for a Lotto Zambia winner!


Never forget the spirit of the lottery, which is strongly pinned on helping communities grow. If you have won a lot of money, you can start a community project that will improve the lives of Zambians.

Live a luxurious life

With huge winnings, you can buy a house and a fleet of cars. If this is the kind of life that you want, then you should live it. However, you shouldn’t forget to invest properly so that you don’t end up losing your fortunes.

GG World Keno is the kind of lottery that can transform your life. You just need to get started today to experience its financial sweetness.

P.S. If you prefer to play offline – you can buy the tickets from our sales agents in Zambia.

GG World Keno