7 best methods of choosing lottery numbers

Everyone has a preferred method of choosing lottery numbers. The question is how efficient is their method? For some, they will run little analyzes on the past draws to find any repeated pattern while other go to astrologist for the answers. Indeed, no matter the method you use in choosing your lottery numbers, the draw is always at random. Since there is no particular method that assures you of winning, there is no harm in trying one of these 7 best methods as it could be your winning method.


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This method is all about checking out for recent draws and picking out the numbers that got drawn most frequently. Though, there is no mathematical proof that justifies why some numbers easily get drawn more than other numbers and why a few numbers appear to be hotter than other numbers.

But remember that all numbers have the same chance of being drawn notwithstanding the number of times it has appeared over the previous draws.


Every player always has a particular number they like. Some love numbers like 7 and 10 because of their favorite footballers (Messi and Ronaldo). Some could love a number because of their birthday. So, these lucky numbers can appear in any form ranging from player jerseys to anniversaries. So pick that your favorite number or the number you have great value for.
This is not a logical method of choosing lottery numbers but it is one of the most popular.


There are several ways one can randomly choose a lottery number as well. This method works with our imagination. You can randomly point your finger on a list of numbers and use the one your finger points directly.

You are free to randomly point and pick any number of your choice but you should add little creativity to it. If you pick any number and get it right, know that you are doing it right. This method is one of the top ways of picking the correct number. It does not take much time and it contains a lot of fun.


This method is not practiced by many as it does not increase your chances of hitting the jackpot but it could increase your chances of winning a bigger amount only if you are lucky to figure out the tactics correctly.

From some observations, most people always pick lower numbers because they want to use their birthday or jersey numbers on their favorite football stars. So, numbers over 31 are used not frequently used. This implies that there is a little chance of someone else hitting the jackpot with such numbers. And this makes only a few people play and win with your number (numbers over 31).


While looking at your lottery ticket, you will notice some form of pattern developed from a previous game selection. This method of choosing a lottery number is all about drawing on the ticket. For example, you can draw a circle on a numerical arrangement of numbers. This involves your artistic ability to generate meaningful lottery numbers.


Use a system when you want to choose your lottery numbers. This system is designed to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. In the real-life, it doesn't increase your chances of winning but many people have won big with it. Why don’t you give it a try?


This method is mostly used by lazy lottery players. The machine helps you to randomly pick your numbers. All you have to do is to select the option you want and you will immediately get your ticket for the game.


winning numbers


Here we are again! We hope you have selected one or two methods from the above options. Apply the method you’ve selected and you won’t regret going through this article. Remember to think positively and one day, when you will check the latest Zambian lotto results, you will find out that you are a winner!

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