gg-world-mega-jackpot ball

How to play GG World Mega Jackpot

Register an account or log in if you already have one.

how to play

Make a deposit using your preferred payment method.

how to play Lotto Zambia

TIP: Remember GG World Mega Jackpot single line costs K16.


Pick your lucky numbers. You can pick the numbers yourself or use the quick-pick tool.

Lotto Zambia how to play

TIP: The quick-pick tool will pick the numbers at random for you.

TIP: Remember to pick your numbers at least one hour before the draw.

Choose the type of the ticket: single ticket will participate in one draw only, multi-ticket will participate in a selected number of draws.

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Click the "Buy ticket" button when you have finished picking the numbers.

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Congratulations! You have successfully bought your ticket.

how to play at Lotto Zambia

You can check your ticket anytime in My account/My tickets tab.

Lotto Zambia how to play

Good luck!