Draw Transparency

What is blockchain and why it helps providing transparency?

Blockchain is a network of connected nodes (computers). When we generate a draw, every connected node has the local copy of the draw, thus we cannot modify or temper with the draw. Every transaction made on blockchain is accessible to everyone - this assures everybody that our draws are fully transparent, not modifiable and perfectly honest! We are very proud to be the first company in the world that brings you True Random Numbers connected with blockchain transparency to provide provably fair games.

Why there are no numbers on the blockchain?

We cannot show the numbers publicly in the time of the draw. The data is provided to the blockchain using Provable (previously known as Oraclize) library, which is a third party, centralized data provider. By showing the numbers while Provable is fetching them, the draw could be malformed by Provable or they could make multiple draws and choose the draw that suits them best.

To remove trust from Provable and to provide 100% transparent draws, the numbers are hashed in the time of the draw (thus only we can check what the numbers are) and are publicly decoded after one hour and five minutes so everybody can check the draw transparency. By downloading hashed numbers to the blockchain in the time of the draw together with the unique draw token, we were able to remove trust from everyone - the lottery operator, the software provider, the blockchain data provider and even from the Random Number Generator.

So where do you get numbers from?

Anybody can make the draw like the ones we make on Lotto Zambia, by navigating to our Public Random Number Generator:


You can generate different types of draws by changing the variables in the URL. Our RNG solution is highly flexible and prepared for multiple types of games. Each draw has its unique token and you can always come back to your draw using the following URL (replace {TOKEN} with the draw token):


Take note, that you have to wait one hour and five minutes to see the numbers!

How do you get draw numbers instantly? We do not have to wait one hour for draw results!

Our IPs are whitelisted on our Public Random Number Generator. This doesn’t change the transparency, as the draw hash is always visible on the blockchain and our Public Random Number Generator cannot know, which request is the actual draw request before it is made. Thanks to the whitelist, we see the numbers before the rest of the world do, so we are able to calculate winnings instantly after receiving confirmation of the draw from blockchain.

Are the numbers truly random?

Our Random Number Generator gets the numbers from natural randomness of the world and is based on quantum principles that the universe runs on. We use the well known and acknowledged QRNG provided by ID Quantique. You can read more about the hardware here.

Our randomness solution has been tested and certified by Gaming Laboratories International and we have acquired GLI-19 certification for highly regulated jurisdictions. Apart from providing the very first transparency into government regulated lotteries, we also prove that the numbers are distributed equally within a specified range and that we get rid of any possible bias. Our RNG core is constantly monitored to make sure we provide random numbers of the highest quality available. You can review the certification here.

As our Random Number Generation is publicly accessible, everybody can check that the numbers are truly random, though be aware that performing resource-intensive tests is prohibited and without proper consent you may be banned. We are open for any cooperation.