The most expensive sports for a lotto millionaire

It’s a tough question to answer: What’s the most expensive thing someone could buy, and still maintain their fortune? There are two avenues we can explore. One is through materialistic goods — jewelry, artwork, and cars — while the other is through various hobbies and sports.

There are certain sports that are expensive than normal games and sports. The cost of pl...

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The most popular lucky numbers in the world

Lucky numbers are a series of digits that have been shown to have a higher probability of being drawn in the lottery. Many people have different lucky numbers and it is not necessary for everyone to have the same lucky numbers. For instance, to find lucky numbers, look at the last two digits of your year of birth and the last two digits of your age. For instance, someone born in 1993 would have...

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Check the profile of a perfect lotto player

A lot of people think that a lottery winners are odd and they are not normal people like the rest of us. This is because they have a lot of money without having to work very hard and spending a lot of time. But many people do not realize that lottery winners are also just like the rest of us. They also do not have any special traits, only the ones that every person has.

Here is a list o...

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Top 5 Places to Live for a Lotto Millionaire

There is some responsibility that comes with being a millionaire. Let’s face it, your life will change the moment you are announced the lucky winner of a K 1,000,000 or more. With this in mind, you need to live like a millionaire. We’ll explore the lifestyle of a millionaire with a special interest in where you can live.

Where should you live as a millionaire?

If y...

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TOP 5 Expensive Gifts that a Lotto Millionaire Can Buy

When you become a millionaire, you need to think, act, and live like one. The lottery can make you become rich instantly. But for you to get to the social class of the rich, you have to behave like them. The sooner you start this journey, the easier it is for you to be recognized as a rich person.

What should you do as a lotto millionaire?

If you play the Zambian l...

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TOP 5 Places in South Africa to Visit for A Zambian Lotto Millionaire

Do you have a bucket list? Did you know that a simple lottery win can help you fulfill all your bucket list wishes? If you play the Zambian lotto, chances of becoming a millionaire are high. As a millionaire, you can visit all the top places that you’ve ever wanted.

What is the best place to visit for a lotto millionaire?

If you are coming from Zambia, you should explore...

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Top 5 Investment Ideas for a Lotto Zambia Millionaire

Winning a major prize by playing the lottery is not easy, but it can happen at any time. Preparedness is what many lottery players lack. A majority do not have an idea of what they will do with their money after they have won.

You need creative investment ideas to get you started the right way. When you have the right investment, you will be sure that your winnings will be safe.

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Top 5 Places in Africa to Visit for a Lotto Millionaire

Winning the lottery is not as hard as you think. After all, the lottery is a game of chance. You could just be the next winner if you are persistent in playing the lottery. But what would you do with your money if you were to win millions playing the lottery?

This is a question that you’ll find you don’t have an idea of its answer. Many people fantasize about winning the lot...

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Our Lucky Player Won K849,728!

Winning at is almost a guarantee. There are various cash prizes on offer that players can win. How about winning K849,728? Is it anywhere near your dream? Well, this is the story of our first big winner from Zambia.

Meet Chris Zaandala, the winner of K849,728

The story of Chris Zaandala is one of the most interesting ones. The gates of possibilitie...

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Free Lotto Zambia Tickets – How to Get It?

Are you looking for free Lotto Zambia tickets? Well, you are not alone. And lucky enough, there are more than sufficient free tickets that can get you started on this amazing lottery website in Zambia.

We’ll explore all that you need to know about free tickets on

Is it possible to get free tickets to Lotto Zambia?

Yes, free Lotto Zambia tickets a...

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Play GG World Raffle games at!

Are you looking for a perfect website to play raffle games? Look no further than Here, you are guaranteed a good gaming experience. But do you know all there is to be known about raffles? Well, you’ll learn it all here, including the finest tips to play and win huge cash prizes in Zambia.

What are raffle games?

Raffles are popular lottery g...

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Raffle Lottery Games - Is It Worthy to Play?

Raffle lottery games are pretty interesting. They are amongst the best lottery games that you can play for entertainment and earn a good amount of it. But just like any other form of gambling, raffles elicit different reactions from people. Some are unsure whether the games are worth playing. Well, we’ll do a comprehensive guide to raffle lottery games and share credible information as to...

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Why Lotto Zambia is the Best Option for You

The gambling industry in Zambia is immensely growing as more people are gaining interest in lottery games. The lottery has many benefits, and the sooner you start playing, the sooner you will start reaping the fruits. However, it's not easy to come by a reliable online gambling site. For the die-hard lottery players especially, Lotto Zambia proves to be the most reliable gaming site.


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TOP 5 Places to Visit in the United States for a Lotto Millionaire

The United States has so many unique attractions, from coastlines, natural landscapes to massive cities. There is so much to see in this vast country that it can be challenging deciding where to start when you plan your visit.

That said if you just became a Zambian lotto millionaire and you want to live that American dream, the USA has fascinating places to discover. With that in mind,...

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TOP 5 Places in Africa to Visit When you Win the Zambian Lotto

Zambian Lotto is definitely one of the most rewarding lotteries here in Zambia. In fact, players who play the Zambian lotto online stand a chance of walking away with millions. But have you ever thought about what you would like to do with all this money if your numbers come up and you win?

You will have enough money not only to make your dreams come true but also enough to experience s...

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