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Results of GG World X Lottery

Check the latest results of the GG World X draw and see if your numbers were selected during the official draw. Don't miss the results and check the numbers on your ticket carefully. You can also verify lucky numbers from previous draws using our archive. Just select the date of the draw from the dropbox below.

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GG World X Lottery Prizes and Winners


GG World X lottery has 13 tiers of prizes that you can win if you correctly indicate the numbers selected during the draw. Only 2 correctly selected numbers allow you to claim a prize!


The minimum jackpot in GG World X is K180,000,000. The prize pool may increase if no player correctly predicts all the numbers in the draw: 5 main and 2 bonus.


You can take part in the draw every Tuesday and Friday at 8.45 p.m. local time in Paris, France.


The results are presented immediately after the official draw, during which the draw machine selects the winning numbers. By checking the results of GG World X on our site, you can be sure that these are the latest results, thanks to which your life can change.


Lotto Zambia Lucky Number - which numbers are the most common?


Do you want to join the lottery millionaires? Play lotto Zambia today! Maybe you will be lucky and win a fortune in the next draw?


The GG World X lottery is legally available in Zambia, based on regulations and a license issued by the Zambian government. You can play completely safely and comfortably using the lotto Zambia online.


You can win the main prize with a minimum amount of  K180,000,000! Remember that GG World X offers jackpots without an upper limit, so the jackpot can grow until at least one player correctly predicts all the lotto lucky numbers selected during the draw. Check how much you can win in the next draw.


The golden rule of lottery lovers says: you have to play if you want to win - you have to play.


How to pick GG World X lotto lucky numbers? 


To take part in the draw, you need to choose 5 main numbers within 1 to 50 range and 2 additional numbers within 1 to 12 range. The ideal situation would be if you could use all possible combinations of numbers, and there are as many as 139 838 160. It's very unlikely to be able to buy tickets with all possible combinations. First of all - the purchase process would take a long time, and secondly - you would have to pay a huge amount for such a large number of tickets. So how do you choose the numbers that will help you win lotto Zambia?


You can choose the numbers yourself or use the Quick Pick option. What does it mean? By choosing Quick Pick, you put everything into the hands of fate. The numbers are chosen completely randomly by the script. You can also choose some of the numbers using this automatic method, and some yourself.


If you want to make your selection, you can use several different methods:


• you can choose completely random numbers

• you can use  dates that are important to you: birthdays, anniversaries, graduation dates, but remember not to limit yourself to dates, as the month has a maximum of 31 days, and you can choose from 50 numbers in the GG World X lottery, so if you only use dates - you will skip higher numbers

• many players use the "hot and cold numbers" method, which means picking the most frequently and least frequently chosen numbers in a given lottery, you can use it and see if it works for you 

• some experienced players decide to use the help of other people who indicate lucky or important numbers for them

• some lotto players use mathematical calculations regarding the chance and probability of drawing a number, in our opinion, it is too complicated to deal with


Once you create your set of lucky numbers to help you win, we recommend that you buy a lottery ticket containing the combination of numbers you choose for each draw. Of course, you can buy more tickets with more combinations. Some winners admit that they were able to win a fortune by sticking to their lucky numbers.


Any player who wants to take the lottery seriously should be aware that there are no magic tricks to predict which numbers will be chosen as the lottery lucky numbers. Do not trust paid systems offered online that promise high efficiency and winning major prizes. Think about it - if someone knew the method of successful selection of winning numbers, would he share it with the world? If this were true then such people would have been lottery millionaires long ago and would win jackpots not only in GG World X but also in other games around the world.


Each number in the pool of 50 main numbers and the pool of 12 additional numbers has the same chance of being drawn. It is the fate that decides which numbers will be selected as lotto lucky numbers. Even combinations such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 1, 2 have the same chance of being drawn as any other combination.


The most frequently picked lotto lucky numbers in GG World X


Based on the results of the draws, you can easily indicate which numbers were chosen most often by the drawing machine, and which were chosen the least often. On this basis, you can create your own sets of numbers, to use on GG World X lottery ticket. The following information can also be treated as a curiosity and not use these numbers at all.


The most frequently picked main numbers in GG World X are 6, 18, 23, 27, 35, and 41.


The most frequently picked additional numbers are 2 and 7.


Using the "hot and cold numbers" method, you could create a set of 6, 18, 23, 27, 35, 41 + 2, and 7. The decision is up to you.


The least frequently picked numbers in GG World X


Based on our lotto archive, you can choose the numbers that were drawn the least frequently. It should be emphasized that everything depends on fate and the following numbers may be drawn the most in subsequent draws.


The least frequently drawn main numbers in GG World X are 1, 8, 13, 22, 26, and 50.


The least frequently drawn additional numbers are 4 and 11.


You can avoid these numbers and do not take them into account when choosing your own lotto lucky numbers set. You can also use the exact opposite method and pick the numbers that have appeared in the results of the draw very rarely.


As you can see - choosing the numbers for your ticket is not a simple task. You can consider many different factors and try to uncover the secret of lotto numbers, but does this secret really exist? As we mentioned, all numbers have the same chances of being chosen as the ones that pave the way to big winnings.


Don’t miss the GG World X draw results


The results of the draw are just as important as choosing the numbers. When you make your choice and buy your lucky lottery ticket, you can keep your fingers crossed for the lucky draw. It is very important that you don’t forget to check which numbers were selected during the official draw, because if you miss the results and the deadline for collecting your prize, it will be lost!


You can check the results of the GG World X draw on our website, as well as using the official Lotto Zambia app, which you can download to your phone. Thanks to the application you will always be up to date with the results of the draw, and you will also be able to conveniently buy the lottery tickets at any time while being away from the computer.


Are you ready for a great adventure that you can experience thanks to the popular online lottery? Dare to take the first step, choose your numbers, and get your ticket now! Maybe the next draw will be happy for you and make all your dreams come true?


We keep our fingers crossed. We believe that soon the results of our lottery draw will change your life for the better and allow you to become the great winner of!