The most popular lucky numbers in the world

Lucky numbers are a series of digits that have been shown to have a higher probability of being drawn in the lottery. Many people have different lucky numbers and it is not necessary for everyone to have the same lucky numbers. For instance, to find lucky numbers, look at the last two digits of your year of birth and the last two digits of your age. For instance, someone born in 1993 would have 93 in their year and 37 in their age. Numbers with these values would be Lucky Number 8.

Just don’t solely rely on lucky numbers because you also need to check the daily lotto results at if the results are not announced yet.


popular lucky numbers

Are the Lucky Numbers Real?

The concept of the lucky number is actually far older than people are aware. The most popular religion in ancient China, Taoism, refers to eight as the 'Great Lineup', which resides between life and death. In Hinduism, seven represents the seven planets and time in Western Astrology. In Buddhism, it represents a period of purification before meditation and enlightenment.

You can play the Zambian lotto online if you want to get rich quickly. For many people, there are particular numbers that are lucky for them. The majority of these numbers are also bad luck for others (for instance 666). These unlucky/lucky numbers could be a superstition rather than anything else; however, it has been found that there exist some true lucky numbers in the world (1-6).

Most Popular Lucky Numbers

Lottery players take lucky numbers seriously and everyone tries to choose the combination of lucky numbers. If you want to buy the lottery ticket that might increase the chances of your winning, here are some lucky numbers that you need to know about:

Number 42

The result analysis of hundreds of lottery winnings suggests that 42 is among the most won lottery numbers. If you want to increase the chances of your winnings, choosing the number 42 might be a smart move.

Number 11

The number 11 has been shown to be the second most won lottery number in the world. In fact, there are over 2 million documented cases where people have won the lottery after choosing number 11 as their lucky number.

Number 2

The number 2 is also among the most winning numbers in the lottery games and it is also considered to be a powerful number for someone who uses numerology. The number 4 can, on the other hand, be used as a substitute for it, because their energy is pretty much similar.

Number 6

Lottery players who want to increase their odds of winning can also try out number 6 on their lottery tickets. The reason why number 6 is great for this purpose is that it is considered to be a positive number, which will provide you with positive energy.

Number 9

Last but not least is the number 9. This number has been recorded as the most won lottery number at one point in time. It was actually beaten by the awesome energy of 28, which represents financial freedom for many people. Even though there seems to be no certain reason behind this lucky/unlucky phenomenon, it can be seen that some numbers seem to offer more chances than others when playing the lotto.

Is Lucky Number Worth it?

There are some people who say that you can even ask your lottery ticket vendor to change your lucky numbers before buying the ticket. It is important to note that you cannot tell your vendor exactly what numbers to change; however if you refer to some ideas online about what numbers are lucky for you, the lottery vendor might be able to help. Lottery jackpot can be a life-changing opportunity for many and you should read also about the top expensive gifts that a Lotto Zambia millionaire can buy.

Even if you do not win, it is important not to stop playing the lotto. You have already made a choice of this game and it does not make sense for you to quit playing it just because of a loss. Most lottery players understand that winning on the first try might take a while and they continue playing the lotto in order to get their wish fulfilled.


popular lucky numbers