The most expensive sports for a lotto millionaire

It’s a tough question to answer: What’s the most expensive thing someone could buy, and still maintain their fortune? There are two avenues we can explore. One is through materialistic goods — jewelry, artwork, and cars — while the other is through various hobbies and sports.

There are certain sports that are expensive than normal games and sports. The cost of playing some sports is higher than others and only rich people can afford these sports. Here is the list of the most expensive sports and games for a lotto millionaire.

Enjoy Luxuries with Lottery Winnings

One of the main reasons why lottery millionaires or lotto winners prefer to stay anonymous is because they can enjoy luxuries. Luxuries are usually expensive and exclusive. Because money is not an issue for lottery winners, they can buy luxurious things for their enjoyment. They can afford a private jet for traveling, purchasing a dozen of TVS, a new house in the city, and most importantly purchasing expensive toys like boats and cars.

In some cases, lotto millionaires want to sell their houses after winning the lottery. They move to other counties or cities because they don’t feel comfortable living in their old houses anymore.

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Sailing is a dance-like sport in which competitive teams from around the world race against each other. The race is held in a specific place like the Great Lakes of America, the Mediterranean Sea, or even across the Atlantic Ocean.

There are many types of sailing, including yachting and racing. Sailing is considered one of the most expensive sports for a lotto millionaire. The cost varies from person to person, but it’s usually around $1 million.


Polo sport is one of the oldest sports in history that originated over 2,500 years ago. In this game, the players ride on horseback to hit a ball with mallets. They are not allowed to use their hands. This is similar to equestrian, but it’s more dangerous and risky.


Golf is another expensive sport that people can play as hobbies other than being a professional player. It’s a sport that involves hitting a ball with a club. The game can be played anywhere like in fields, gardens, and even on the beach. It’s considered one of the most expensive sports for a lotto millionaire because it’s difficult to win big prizes.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is also an expensive sport for a lotto millionaire because of the price of horses. If you would like to start your adventure with horse riding – play the Zambian lotto online the average cost of horse ownership is $2,700 per year, while the cost varies from place to place. The cost is even higher in California and Alaska.


Tennis is an expensive sport for a lotto millionaire because it involves a lot of money. The wear and tear of tennis balls are very high compared to soccer balls. A tennis ball can cost $1 to $4 in stores. Tennis court maintenance is also expensive because the surface has to be cleaned regularly, usually by a professional company.


If you want to increase the chances of your winning, you must read about the most popular lucky numbers in the world. The expensive sports for a lotto millionaire are sailing, polo, golf, horse riding, and tennis. These sports are costly in terms of money but they can be played as hobbies by a billionaire.


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