What you can do with USD 1,000,000?

Winning the lottery can get you millions of dollars overnight. The majority of us will get confused about what to do with such a massive amount. We might think to give it away, purchase a new car or house, start a business, etc.

You can also use the money for entertainment purposes and don’t forget to check the top 5 tropical vacation places for a lotto millionaire. Well, if you are looking for some ideas about what to do with your newfound wealth then this is the article for you. Here we are listing out the top 10 things we would do with $1 million.


1 000 000 dollars

1- Purchase a home

Buying a house is one of the most popular things people would do if they won the lottery. Buying a house that you can call your own is something that you always dream about. It does not matter whether this home is located in your hometown or in some other place, what matters here is that it would be yours and nobody could snatch it away from you.

Be aware though, buying a house will make additional costs (taxes, maintenance fees, etc.). You should ensure that your income covers these costs and gives you enough money to live on. You also need to verify the latest Lotto Zambia results only from the official website because 3rd party resources may not provide the desired results.

2 - Visit the most expensive place around the world

Nowadays, traveling around the world has become more affordable for a number of people. With so many ways to visit the countries around the world and at the same time enjoy your stay at these places; it is not surprising that trips are becoming more and more popular. If you have the budget for it, why not spend your money on a trip to a place in Europe or Asia?

3 - Donate your money to charity

This one is a nice one. Imagine having $1 million to give out. You could turn this donation into an effective tool for charity and make some really good feel out of some people who need it dearly. Whether you want to donate through charities such as UNICEF or through established nonprofits, there are plenty of options available today.

4 - Invest in the stock market

The stock market, as we all know, consists of shares of individual companies or large corporations. If you have the financial capability to invest in stocks then investing this money and seeing it grow is a good idea. Investors are making billions out of millions as some shares are traded for millions and there are always opportunities for making good profits.

There are countless other investment opportunities too. We have already published an article where you can check the best investment ideas for a lotto millionaire.

5 - Invest in a startup company

If you decide to use this money for investment then you can use it for buying shares of startups in your own country. There are many opportunities and possibilities here and you only need to invest a small amount of money. If the company is making good profits then there is no reason why not to increase your investment and make some more good profits out of this money.

6 - Give away large sums of money

If you want to spend a large sum of money, such as $1 million, then there are so many things that you can do with it. Using it for charity once again, buying a house, or investing in the stock market are some other great options that come to mind.


Unlike other lottery articles out there, this one is different. We have listed out the things that are not just popular with the general public but, also will help you make a good profit. If you choose wisely then you can really enjoy your life after winning the lottery!


1 000 000 dollars