Our Lucky Player Won K849,728!

Winning at LottoZambia.com is almost a guarantee. There are various cash prizes on offer that players can win. How about winning K849,728? Is it anywhere near your dream? Well, this is the story of our first big winner from Zambia.

Meet Chris Zaandala, the winner of K849,728

The story of Chris Zaandala is one of the most interesting ones. The gates of possibilities are opened, creating chances for players to see themselves as winners in Lotto Zambia. Having won, K849,728, he has a story to tell. But before his winning story, let’s check his background.


Lotto Zambia winner

Place of birth and residence

Chris was born in 1982 in Luapula. He spent much of his childhood in the province before moving to the capital Lusaka in search of a job. At the age of 28, he managed to get a job in one of the middle-class restaurants in the capital. He has been working in the restaurant for the past 11 years. After his winning, he’s definitely going to quit his job to pursue his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in a retail business.

He is a father of three children. He has been working hard to take care of his family’s needs. This winning comes as a blessing to him as his first-born daughter is set to join a secondary school in Lusaka.

How he started playing at LottoZambia.com

Just like any other Zambian, Chris had the dream of becoming rich to be able to provide for his family. But with his limited education, he could not secure white-collar jobs in Lusaka and instead ended up as a waiter in a restaurant.

Little did he know that his job is what would lead to his big winning. While working at the restaurant, he could hear fellow employees talking about Lotto Zambia and how to play it. Given the cheap ticket prices, he decided to give it a try. He immediately fell in love with GG World X.

He started to play the GG World X online without immediate success. In his own words, he said that he tried many techniques before he could win the first prize.

When did he win?

It was on the 7th day of September 2021 when Chris won K849,728. Guess what! He didn’t even check the Zambian lotto draw results immediately after the process of choosing lucky numbers. He later learned that he had won when checking the results online. He couldn’t believe that the lucky lotto results and winning numbers were exactly what he had chosen.

His winning combination:

Chris had manually selected the following 5 basic numbers: 7, 19, 35, 42, 43, and 2 additional numbers: 3 and 9. Despite picking the manually and avoiding the quick pick option, these numbers were simply random and they had no special meaning in his life.

It was a joyous moment to be confirmed as the top winner in Lotto Zambia. The biggest decision in his life he says was “to register at LottoZambia.com to play the Zambian lotto.”

How does he intend to use his winnings?

To Chris, the winning couldn’t have come at a better time. This is the perfect time in his life when he is ready to spend such an amount – an amount that he has never had in his entire life.

Here is how the 39-year old intends to spend his money:

Noting the value of education, Chris intends to secure her children’s education. His first-born daughter is set to join a secondary school in Lusaka. He has already set funds aside to cater for her studies in secondary. He is also saving some money for his two children who are yet to join secondary.

The biggest chunk of his money is to be spent in a new retail business. This is how he sets to secure his future He has proper plans to buy goods from China and resell them in Lusaka. He has already secured a stall in Lusaka Zambia where intends to start his shop.

Chris also intends to keep on playing. Buying tickets on Lotto Zambia has become a hobby that is useful.


GG world X is a game that can make you become a winner like Chris Zaandala. You can also read our article about GG World Raffle games online to check the variety of options that you have. Hopefully, after winning, we will share your story as well.


Lotto Zambia winner