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Are you looking for a perfect website to play raffle games? Look no further than Here, you are guaranteed a good gaming experience. But do you know all there is to be known about raffles? Well, you’ll learn it all here, including the finest tips to play and win huge cash prizes in Zambia.

What are raffle games?

Raffles are popular lottery games where people buy tickets with a set of numbers and a draw is conducted to determine the winner. During the draw, tickets are selected randomly. This means that every participant has an equal chance of becoming a winner. Just like any other game of chance, the chances here are so real.

You can increase your chances of winning by having more tickets in the raffle. When the winning ticket is selected, you will have more chances than the rest.


Lotto Zambia raffles

The global popularity of raffles

Raffles are very popular globally. Their popularity is pegged on various factors including the following:

Raffles are not used just as games but also as a source of raising funds. Many organizations use raffle ticketing to run their funds drive.

Availability of raffles in Zambia

It is good for Zambians because they have their raffle games. If you are a Zambian, you no longer have to depend on international raffles to play this game; you can play at Zambian lotto sites.

You shouldn’t just pick any site; the key to your success lies in your choice. is the perfect lottery website that has great raffle games.

You can pick and play the GG World Raffle online. You will need to understand the basics of these raffle games. Here are some rules that you should be familiar with.

GG World Raffle #3

This is a raffle with few tickets, meaning that the chances of winning are also higher. There are 150 tickets sold and a draw conducted when the pool is sold out.

How much to win and odds of winning

There are two tiers in this game. The top tier offers a fixed prize of K1,000.  The second tier has a prize of K10. The odds of winning in the first tier are 1 to 150 while the second tier has odds of 1 to 15. In this raffle, everyone can become a winner.


Lotto Zambia raffles

How to play

If you are new, you will need to learn how to play GG World raffle games at Luckily, the process has been simplified and every player who wants a part of the raffles can get started.

The process of playing explained…


As simple as that, you could be the next winner of K1,000,000 or other exciting cash prizes.