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It is widely known that football has conquered the hearts of Zambian people and that it is the most popular sport in all of Africa. Which young boy would not like to be a famous player like Sadio Mane from Cameroon, Mohamed Salah from Egypt, Denis Onyango from Uganda or Kalusha Bwalya from Zambia? Bookmakers who offer igaming Africa sports bets and games are well aware of the popularity of football in African countries. The largest African bookmaker with online sports betting live, betPawa, operates actively in Zambia, and its offer focuses on the favorite sport of Zambians. Jackpot betPawa is an attractive game, which can be played for just 1K! Do you want to play betPawa jackpot and win even 1 million K thanks to correctly predicting of competitions results? What is "super liga prediction draw"? How to place bets daily? Do you want to be a punter? Is the stake worth playing?

betpawa jackpot


How to play betPawa jackpot in Africa?

Let's start with short information about betPawa jackpot. Below you can see that betPawa jackpot is a great amusement available thanks to the betPawa online, beloved by the punters.

The most popular local bookmaker in Zambia, licensed by the Zambian government to organize online betting and games, offers an attractive form of online sports betting (igaming Africa), betpawa jackpot. The players' task in betPawa jackpot is to predict the scores of football events picked for the current week by the bookmaker (for example one friendly meeting Nigeria vs Tanzania, two events from Bundesliga, one from Ekstraklasa, two from Spanish division, one friendly meeting Ghana vs Spain). The game has 3 variants to place bets: emPawa13, emPawa15 and emPawa17. The number in the name means how many matches betPawa jackpot offers for bets. The player must bet the results of all competitions in betPawa jackpot.

It's worth to know that betPawa jackpot is available and popular not only in Zambia, but also in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya. In Nigeria betPawa jackpot is amusement number 1 for the weekend.

BetPawa picks matches from various leagues available in its offer: Korean, Polish Ekstraklasa, Czech, Spanish division, Belarussian or German Bundesliga (for example Mainz and Hoffenheim), among others. The match odds are very diverse.

If you are a fan for example of Polish Ekstraklasa or Bundesliga you can see and check out betPawa jackpot and make your life more colorful thanks to your good prediction. If you know everything about your favorite league, you can try every day during the whole week (weekend included) and check out your prediction (for example liga prediction home).


Let's see three types of scores may be picked for each match of betPawa jackpot:


    • 1 – home win (liga prediction home)

    • X – draw (liga prediction draw)

    • 2 – guest win (liga prediction away)


If the player of top betPawa jackpot is not convinced of the final result, he can mark two or even three possible scores for an additional fee: home win, draw (vs prediction draw) and guest win. Let's see an example of betPawa jackpot prediction: Mainz vs Hoffenheim jackpot predictions: a punter can pick: prediction home and draw option or draw and away option . Well, as you can see, the predictions are really simple. This is a minimum effort! After a prediction, it all depends on the players' legs!


To hit the betPawa jackpot stake the player must correctly predict the fixtures results of all matches. Lower ters prizes are paid with a minimum of 11 correct predictions.


The top betPawa jackpot amount in emPawa17 is up to K1,000,000, in emPawa15 and emPawa13 the prize is K100,000 kwacha. The bet costs K1. In a situation where more than one player correctly predicts the scores of all matches, the main prize is divided among all first-prize winners.

It is worth mentioning that emPawa17 means betting on Sunday matches (it's an amazing amusement for the weekend for the punters), emPawa13 - matches played on Wednesday, and emPawa15 - matches that are played within a few days. Don't miss your chance to add your jackpots prediction!


Please note that the word "jackpot" in the case of betPawa jackpot does not mean a rollover as in the case of lottery games. The organizer reserves the right to offer such jackpots in the event that none of the players and punters win the main prize, but this is not a rule and it really happens very rarely.


Players and punters of betPawa jackpot can select their own live match results or try the Lucky Dip option, where the scores are randomly selected. After typing and paying for the betPawa coupon, everything remains in the hands, and actually in the legs of the players and goalkeepers of the teams participating in the selected matches. The player of betPawa jackpot needs to keep his fingers crossed and believe his bets on betPawa were correct.


The games of betPawa jackpot provides a lot of emotions and guarantees great fun. In addition, the attractive coupon price is a great incentive for Zambian football enthusiasts. It is not surprising then that the betPawa jackpot is gaining new loyal fans every day. Supporting and watching matches becomes more exciting and interesting when their scores decide whether you can break the bank and win an attractive cash prize to pay-out that can change your life. 


Our recommendation: if you want to know more about liga prediction draw vs prediction home, match odds and super liga prediction draw and punters, take some time and do a research online, which will help you with jackpot prediction.
If you want to find more information about betPawa jackpot, you can use for example keywords "liga prediction home", "prediction draw", "betlion jackpot", "match odds vs prediction", "super liga prediction draw", "ksh", "see betpawa prediction tip" and "liga prediction away" in Google. You will see that there are more than a million of sites about jackpot tip and prediction.

Every player and punter has to remember that any prediction is not a guarantee of the winning betPawa jackpots. If you like a risk, this game is here for you!


BetPawa jackpot predictions – how to win? 


Those who decide to use the betPawa jackpot are looking for an effective method to increase their chances of winning and match odds. You can easily see that there are a lot of prediction websites and groups on social networks that offer free prediction and paid predictions (check out keyword "liga prediction home" and "prediction draw"). This type of sites is extremely popular in Tanzania and Nigeria, where some of the tipsters offer their new prediction and tip every week and every weekend. Is it worth using them today? Is it worth to trust any anonymous punter? Do you really want to increase your chance of winning thanks to the punter?

In our experience, it is very difficult to find a tipster, punter or a group of tipsters who can boast of great typing efficiency. Usually, offers available online have poor performance or are simply a fraud. Of course, after a long search and testing betPawa jackpot tips you can find a site offering online sports bets predictions with satisfactory effectiveness, but why pay for something that you can do yourself and get even greater satisfaction from it?

If you are really interested in football and you watch not only the local league events, but also foreign leagues that are available in the Zambian bookmaker's offer, you can prepare your own betPawa jackpot predictions (liga prediction home or liga home prediction away). Probably you will see the effects of your prediction much faster than thanks to prediction of other people.

How to double your chances of winning betPawa jackpot prediction and to have an opportunity to make a pay-out? How to win such great games? Below you can see our tips for the player and punter for better prediction.


See the following tips that will definitely help you win many best prizes or even the jackpot:


    • trust your intuition and knowledge of football if you want to try betPawa games - if you are a football fan and you watch meetings often, you may able to predict the result of the match with high probability, if you watch for example Spanish liga prediction away or prediction draw or liga prediction home will be easier for you; your intuition is a large bonus to your knowledge, and thanks to them, your chances will be really large

    • if you are not convinced of your jackpot predictions betPawa about the result of the meeting, take advantage of the possibility to bet on more than one result, i.e. bet on home win (vs prediction home) and draw (vs prediction draw) to increase your match odds

    • stay up to date with football news, and look for information about what is happening in teams - being up to date with current events, such as injuries (for example legs injuries), coach changes, financial problems of teams, you can check your knowledge and predict results events more consciously, thanks to your knowledge your betPawa prediction can be good

    • always think positive - faith can move mountains, you can achieve success in any field by thinking positively, do not give in to negative thoughts and doubt, always believe in the victory of your favorites, thanks to super positive attitude your chances will be better!

    • if you decide to see and try the paid betPawa jackpot predictions, our tip is: try to find opinions about a given website or group of tipsters, be careful and do not trust unverified websites or people offering tips

    • never give up and play betPawa games- remember that patience always helps, if you didn't win this time - try again, many winners admit that winning took time and patience and this the best tip for you

Remember to treat betting and betPawa jackpot as entertainment, not as a way to earn money. Also, don't put money you can't lose, so don't play with money for bills, school, credit or savings for a rainy day!


We hope that the above information about betPawa and tips will help you in using the offer prepared by the leader of the sports betting industry in Zambia. betPawa jackpot is not the end! We’ve have prepared something extra.


betpawa jackpot

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