Best betPawa jackpot predictions Zambia 2020

Best betPawa jackpot predictions zambia in 2020


Online sports betting is one of the most popular pastimes around the world. Thanks to the constant development of sport and numerous sporting events and local leagues in Zambia, bookmakers have a lot to offer to people who love to see and support their favorite teams or sportsmen. Sport means tremendous emotions and you can see adrenaline, joy of victory, bitterness of failure, competition and of course big money. betPawa limited is the name of one the most popular bookmakers in Zambia.

betpawa jackpot


Fans want to take part in it, which is why they increasingly not only support their favorites in Zambia, but also use the offer of bookmakers, such as betPawa limited. In Zambia, the type of bet name 'betPawa jackpot' is very popular, and the phrase 'betPawa jackpot predictions Zambia' is one of the most frequently searched phrases related to entertainment in Zambia search engines. Do you know how to play betPawa jakckpot? Learn more and see if you are lucky!


betPawa – the most popular bookmaker in Zambia


Among the many bookmakers who offer their services in Zambia, the big African bookmaker name  betPawa limited is the unquestioned leader in Zambia. betPawa operates under a license issued by the Zambia government, and is therefore a fully regulated and trustworthy brand. What's more to see, betPawa limited also offers sports bets in Uganda or Kenya.


The main part of the betPawa limited sports betting offer is football and games played in leagues from around the world. Among others players see Czech, Bundesliga, Polish, Hungarian, Belarusian and Korean league games are offered for online sports betting in Zambia just to name a few. The choice of football is, of course, dictated by the fact that Zambia loves to see this sport and very willingly, enthusiastically, support not only their national teams, but also their favorite foreign teams or even individual players and to make a prediction of the outcome.


betPawa jackpot – how to play?


One of the most popular offers of the Zambia bookmaker comes under the name betPawa jackpot. The bookmaker offers 3 types of this game for prediction, so you can see: emPawa17, emPawa15 and emPawa13 with 1 million kwacha to be won. What does it mean?


EmPawa15 is a variant of the game in which the player's task prediction of the outcome of 15 football matches selected by betPawa limited. Similarly, in emPawa17, a prediction 17 matches should be place, and in emPawa13, the organizer selects 13 matches  for prediction. Games from various leagues from around the world are selected for betting in betPawa limited Zambia.


betPawa limited selects emPawa 17 matchers for Sunday  jackpot betPawa, emPawa13 on Wednesday, and emPawa15 games can be played for several days. Coupons on emPawa15 can be purchased at betPawa until Wednesday, 18.00 local time in Lusaka, Zambia.


You can place bets on 3 types of match outcome in betPawa jackpot:

1 – home win

X - draw

2 – guest win


Prediction of match outcome selected by betPawa limited Zambia can be based on self-made decisions and own prediction or using the Lucky Dip option, a random selection of outcome made by the software used by betPawa website. You can also see the very popular betPawa jackpot tips that are available online.


How much can you win?


The cost of playing emPawa15 at betPawa jackpot is only K1, which is undoubtedly very encouraging for players. If all the outcome of football matches taking part in the betPawa jackpot are a correct prediction, the player can get up to K100,000. Lower-tier prizes are paid out from 11 correctly selected results.


In the case of emPawa17 the player can win K1,000,000 kwacha for a correct prediction all 17 games. In betPawa emPawa13, the jackpot for 13 correct predictions is K100,000. It is worth emphasizing that if more than one player correctly predicts the outcome of the games selected by betPawa limited, the available prize will be divided among the players.


As for the jackpot, if no player wins the main prize in a given week, betPawa Zambia may decide to roll over. It should be remembered that in the case of betPawa jackpot the name "jackpot", in contrast to lotteries, does not involve guaranteed available accumulation.


BetPawa jackpot predictions Zambia 


How to increase the chance of winning betPawa jackpot? We see this question is asked by many, especially novice players of betPawa limited Zambia who decide to participate in the popular Zambian entertainment. betPawa jackpot tips are very popular. This means jackpot tips on bet on individual games or the entire set of prediction for matches for a given week, selected by the betPawa Zambia.


You can find many websites run by tipsters who offer betPawa jackpot tips in Zambia. What's more, many players like to use these tips to bet on match outcome. There are also numerous groups on social networks or fan pages where free tips of varying effectiveness are available.


Some players use paid websites, such as, where for you can use betPawa jackpot tips in Zambia for a few dollars. Of course, there is always a risk that the predicted results of matches will turn out to be wrong, because everything is possible in sport, and the decisive goal can be scored in the last seconds of the match.


Tipsters who offer paid jackpot predictions betpawa Zambia usually rely on their intuition, experience and also football knowledge when playing at betPawa Zambia. By watching many matches and tracking news in leagues from around the world, such as news such as football injuries, financial problems of teams or coach changes - tipsters can increase their chances of accurate prediction of results. Experienced tipsters with high efficiency can be trusted, but it is worth being careful and refrain from blindly believing in every tip. See for yourself.


You have to be especially careful in case of free betPawa jackpot predictions Zambia because you never know who shares the free betPawa jackpot tips. They are usually beginners or people who do not really put their money on sports betting, and publish their bets on the web for fun and to see if they work.


Betting on match results based on your own intuition and tracking football news is the best approach in betPawa jackpot. You’ll have more fun, and the satisfaction of correctly selected results will be much greater when you pick up the jackpot at betPawa limited Zambia.


betpawa jackpot

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If you like to have fun, you need adrenaline, and would like to win much more than betPawa jackpot, we have an attractive alternative for you. Lotteries are another of the pastimes that are very popular among Zambian people. Surely you have heard about Zambia Lotto, but did you know that the first global online lotteries name GG World Million and GG World X jackpots are getting more and more popular in Zambia? Why does Lotto Zambia become so popular that even betpawa jackpots users start playing it?


Both lotteries guarantee emotions, great fun, simple rules and big jackpots! Lottery under the name GG World X gives you the possibility to win a jackpot jackpot of K180,000,000 kwacha, while under the name GG World Million jackpot amounts to K18,000,000 in Zambia.


Simply register at Lotto Zambia com and pick your lucky numbers. Maybe you will become the next lotto millionaire? We keep our fingers crossed and wish you good luck in the draw in Zambia!