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The development of bookmakers in Africa means that we can take use the growing offer of local and international bookmakers who compete in the fight for customers and their time. In African countries, gambling casinos and bookmakers arouse great emotions because they bring great fun and allow you to dream of big winnings, thanks to which you can improve your standard of living and make your dreams come true. All the Africans like extreme sports betting, predicting the score, the best odds and great winnings won thanks to a perfect score of the sports events.

In Zambia, there’s plenty of fans of big emotions and sports. Many people support football teams or the best tennis players and other athletes who are in a way an illustration of dreams of a great career, travel, financial independence, global success. To provide even more adrenaline while watching sports events, Zambian people use the offers of companies such as ExtremeBet Zambia. What does this bookmaker with sports betting have to offer? Is it worth to open an extreme account for betting? How to be a winner? How to predict the total score?

extremebet zambia


ExtremeBet Zambia – general information about bookmaker


This is a Zambian bookmaker with a license issued by Curacao. In Zambia, the company operates legally and offers two methods of sports betting at sales points and online. Currently, only two traditional Extreme Betting outlets with sports betting are available, both located in the capital - Lusaka.


The sports betting offer of this Zambian bookmaker is directed not only to the residents of Zambia, but also to foreign customers. The company is open to the provision of bookmaking services for other African countries, as well as for countries from other continents. Due to certain restrictions, the services are not available to customers including from the USA, Afghanistan, Australia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Iran, Cuba, Congo, Sudan, Belarus and many other countries from different continents.


ExtremeBet Zambia betting site meets the expectations of sports betting fans who want to enjoy this form of entertainment using mobile devices. For this purpose, the company has created an easy-to-use, and very nicely presenting mobile application. Opinions about the sports betting application are very favorable, many customers consider it to be one of the best bookmaking applications available on the continent.


The goal of the bookmaker offering extreme betting is to continually expand and gain customers from around the world. The company wants to show the whole world that a very good brand with prospects and great potential can be created in Zambia.


ExtremeBet Zambia Offer: casino and sports betting


Sports betting enthusiasts will find several disciplines to choose from, including football loved in all of Africa, without which no bookmaker could operate. Other available disciplines with the best odds include table tennis, horse racing, golf, cycling, biathlon, snooker, cricket, MMA, baseball, hockey and tennis.


For those interested in betting games, the company has prepared Keno or Bet TV, where you can play various card games with live dealers. With this option you can feel like in a real house of place bets, in which you have to face the dealer eye to eye. This is first of the most exciting games available in the offer.


In addition, using the place bets tab, you can play a few of the many games that delight not only with prizes, but above all with their advanced and impressive graphics. There are numerous slots, video poker, virtual gaming tables, jackpot games and premium zone, where a player can place his bets to get a perfect score and be a winner.


As top of the few international bookmakers in Zambia, the company offers lottery betting. The player does not bet on the total score, but at different odds which numbers will be drawn at the official lottery draw. He can bet which number will be selected. This is an extreme version of playing lottery games. If you want to try your luck and hit a big stake - you can create your account at extreme betting website.


Another interesting offer of sports betting is Bonus Odds - football bets where youhave several options to choose from:


    • Bonus Odd 3 + 1, where you must choose 3 matches to choose from several match suggestions and optionally an additional match

    • Bonus Odd 5 +1, where the player has to predict the score of 5 basic matches and optionally an additional match

    • Bonus Odd 7 + 1, 7 matches to choose and predict the score and 1 extra if the player wants to enter an additional bet

    • Bonus Odd 9 + 1, 9 basic matches to choose and predict the score and an optional additional match


It is also worth mentioning that as 1 of the few bookmakers in Zambia, ExtremeBet offers sports livescore, the total score of live sports events. Sports and sports betting fans can check the score of matches without placing bets. This is a very useful feature, especially for sporting events that do not have television or online broadcasts.


ExtremeBet Zambia bonuses and promotions for the players with account


Particularly noteworthy is the fact that this extreme Zambian bookmaker with sports betting offers very attractive bonuses, and there are several:


    • sign-up promo – every new customer can get a 100% extreme bonus on their first deposit up to K5000

    • refer a friend – for reffering a friend who makes a deposit, the player will receive K50 

    • 5% promo on every deposit – a promotion has been prepared for loyal customers, in which with each deposit the player will receive 5% of the amount to be used for betting

    • extreme multiple bet promo – the next offer applies to football bets and allows you to get a 2.5% to 30%

    • extreme safety zone – the player receives a refund of the stake wagered when the sports match score ends in a goalless draw


A detailed offer of bonuses for sports betting and place bet is available on the official bookmaker's website. Before using any of the bonuses – take a while to read their terms and conditions.


Summary of betting page


ExtremeBet is nr 1 of the best international sports bookmakers available live in country of Zambia. A wide range of sports betting, a very nice online casino and an extensive offer of bonuses really encourage you to take advantage of the offer and become one of the regular customers. Every player will surely find something for him in the offer. There is still some work ahead of the bookmaker to catch up with giants of sports betting such as Betway or bet365, but we can safely say that this Zambian bookmaker makes a great impression and we foretell a bright future in the extreme betting industry.

If you want to bet and use the extreme offer of Zambian bookmaker, you can click and open your account and use all the options, live bets and win a better stake. If you will have a little bit of luck - you will win some cash.

To get more information about extreme bets, opening an account, better odds, cash payments, how to bet live, etc. - you may contact the support of extreme bookmaker (visit the official page and all the contact details you will find at the official site with the bookmaker name in the domain). They will help you with top odds, extreme bets, access to your account, etc.

If you like gambling, extreme bets, good odds, and you want to be a winner with a great cash - this extreme bookmaker is absolutely perfect for you, so you can open your account and have an access to the world of extreme odds. Don't waste your time.


Is it possible to predict the total score and win a great stake?

In extreme sports betting everything is possible, but how to predict the score? Nobody knows before the match how the match will end and what score will be visible in the table of the total score. You can use your knowledge and intuition and bet without any help with the score and odds of sports betting.

You can also use some page with score predictions, where the tipsters present their extreme tips, information, prediction of the score for the next matches with the best odds. You can get this help from them for free or if you are using a paid page, you will have to pay for the tips. Remember that nobody can predict the score. All the tips are just a guess.  Some of the top tipsters have positive result of extreme betting, but no one can give a guarantee.

If you like football, don't go around, don't search and don't waste time - just check out the total odds, think about a top stake, and bet at the extreme betting page. If you will hit the total score, you will get a great money prize in cash.

extremebet zambia

Our top alternative for extreme betting and ExtremeBet


We would like to take this opportunity to present an interesting alternative for ExtremeBet Zambia and sports betting. Lotteries are an option for those who dream of really great money and prizes that can change their lives for the better in an instant. The money that can be won in lotto is usually much bigger than the prizes in xtreme betting.


There are two amazing lotteries, which are conquering the world, available to play at LottoZambia.com. GG World Million and GG World X draw the attention of fans every day. You should remember the name of both lotteries! The tickets start at K8 and the prizes are really amazing. The jackpot at GG World Million starts at K18,000,000 and GG World X brings the opportunity to play for a breathtaking K180,000,000. The jackpot increases with each draw when none of the players picks the numbers correctly.

Join the race for millions by opening a players account, make a first step, pick your lucky numbers and get a ticket now! Maybe you are the next lotto winner?

If you have any questions, you may contact us (click CONTACT tab) and ask. We are here to help you!