How to play CastleBet in Zambia

Throughout Africa, sportsbooking and bet are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. In many countries, the operations bookmakers are fully legal, as well as the services offered by casinos with thousands of games. Lotteries are another popular form of gambling.

Sports bet offered by numerous international bookmakers and several domestic bet companies is extremely popular in Zambia. They take advantage of the fact that Zambians, like most Africans, love to bet on football and follow the games not only of the local league and sports events, but also of many foreign ones.

CastleBet Lite is one of the most popular places to bet in Zambia. How to use Castlebet Zambia services? What does the Castlebet have to offer its clients? Is it worth to choose this bet offer in 2020? We invite you to read our review. After reading, you can decide if you want to open an account, join CastleBet Lite or VIP, make a deposit, use the bonuses and use online betting with live bet of sports events.


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CastleBet Zambia – introduction

The history of CastleBet Lite began in 2001 in London, when a group of sports and bet enthusiasts decided to launch their own bookmaker, which will be able to compete with giants like bet 365. Initially, CastleBet Lite chose the British as a target group, and later all of Europe.

Thanks to the development of the Internet and mobile bet services, which very quickly gained huge interest around the world, the owners and team of the CastleBet decided to expand their bet operations, focusing primarily on African countries. In 2013, the local CastleBet Zambia branch was officially opened.

The CastleBet Lite bookmaker's  services are available in Zambia in 3 ways: at local sales points in Lusaka and other large cities, through the official CastleBet Zambia Mobile bet application and the official bet website. It should be emphasized that the application only offers bet, while CastleBet Zambia offer is much more extensive.

Over 60% of adult residents in Zambia uses a smartphone, which is why they are a great target for the British bookmaker CastleBet Lite, who largely focuses on mobility. 60% is a great number so many football league fans can open an account, join CastleBet and make a deposit to bet with!


Sports available in the CastleBet Lite offer

Same as Zambians, the British love football and their league, so it's not surprising that the main point of CastleBet Lite bet offer is football league related sports betting. Each month, the CastleBet Zambia offers about 30,000 matches for bet and these are matches from various leagues from around the world, e.g. English, Polish, Estonian, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Belarusian. Football fans can also find friendly matches not only from league, Champions League, World Championships, European Championships and even qualifications for the Olympic Games. As you can see, the offer of CastleBet Lite is really huge and it's worth to open an account and join it! Of course, don't forget to make a deposit, so you can have something to bet with. 

In addition to football bet, CastleBet Lite also offers hockey, tennis, volleyball, futsal, darts, chess, boxing, MMA, cricket, cycling races, rugby, sailing, snooker, table tennis and even e-sports that are becoming more and more popular all over the world. As you can see, you can place your bet on many disciplines thanks to CastleBet.

Live sports bet, last minute bets and traditional pre-match bets are available thanks to CastleBet Lite. Players can also watch live event broadcasts and this is a great value of CastleBet Lite when they an account and join the CastleBet.

If you need any information about odds of winning or how to an account and join, how to make a deposit, how to bet - you can contact support of the CastleBet bookmaker.

CastleBet Jackpot - an amazing game of CastleBet Lite

This is a very interesting form of sports bet, which looks a little different than the competition operating in Zambia and offering jackpots. In CastleBet Lite you can bet on football league and national matches as well as e-sports in several available options: Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3 or Pick 10, where the number determines how many matches the player must bet.

An interesting fact is that players of CastleBet Zambia can an account and join the so-called syndicate or create their own bet syndicate, a group of players betting together. The syndicate team is managed by its founder, who decides about placed bets when the group joins and makes a deposit at CastleBet Lite.

Of course, you can bet on your own based on your own knowledge or use the Smart Pick option, which automatically selects bets taking previous statistics into account.

There are 3 types of Jackpot CastleBet games available: 1X2 (winner or draw bet), exact result and both teams to score.

You can win up to K2,500,000 kwacha in CastleBet Lite jackpot.

You must correctly predict all the results to claim the CastleBet Lite jackpot. There are also lower-tier prizes for fewer number of correctly predicted results.

Will you play CastleBet Lite jackpot?


CastleBet Zambia Casino

Casino games have a very important place in the CastleBet Lite offer. It is worth noting that casinos are very popular in Zambia and that in Lusaka itself there are 10 land-based casinos offering services for beginners and advanced players, as well as for customers looking for luxury gambling experience.

Online casinos are popular because, like CastleBet, they are available to open an account and join online around the clock.

CastleBet offers dozens of different games in its casino, including popular slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, scratch card games, blackjack and dice. Live dealer games are available for advanced players to make you feel like you're in a real casino. There also games referred to as Zambia Games, such as Atlantis, African Fortune, Solar Temple, Starburst or Pets Go Wild.

Every fan of casino games will surely find something in the rich and constantly developing offer of the Castle Bet casino that he can open an account and join.

CastleBet Lite also offers attractive bonuses and promotions for new and regular players using the offer of  bets, jackpot and casino. Thanks to its offer and perfectly functioning mobile application, the company is recognized as one of the leaders in the industry in Zambia.

Castle Bet is trustworthy in our opinion, because the bet company has a lot of experience and enjoys an excellent reputation among customers who appreciate the innovative approach and offers dedicated to gambling fans from Zambia.

In our opinion, CastleBet casino is one of the best on the planet. It's worth to play and have fun with CastleBet Lite.


castlebet zambia


CastleBet Zambia alternative

Sports bet are associated with great emotions and adrenaline. Big wins, reaching several or several million kwacha do not happen often. Who wouldn't want to win really big money? We have an interesting alternative for CastleBet Lite - lotteries. In addition to sports bets and casino, lotteries are another popular form of gambling in Zambia. 

Recently, two global online lotteries, GG World X and GG World Million, are becoming more and more popular. Part of the sales income is allocated to support the development of football league in Zambia.

The minimum first prize is K180,000,000 in GG World X, and in GG World Million you can play for K18,000,000. Ticket prices start at K8 for one set of lucky numbers participating in a draw. Can you imagine how would you life change if you won so much money?

Open your player account and join Have great fun and win attractive prizes. In both lotteries, even the lower-tier prizes are worth playing for. See if luck will smile upon you!

We keep our fingers crossed for big wins in CastleBet Lite sports betting and CastleBet casino. We also encourage you to take the first step towards a great fortune that you can earn thanks to the great GG World lotteries.