How to win Betway ZM jackpot?

Zambia is one of best the countries where the bookmaking industry is growing the fastest. Local and international bookmaking companies benefit from the fact that Zambians love football and are loyal supporters not only of the national team, but also of Betway the national league or many teams playing in foreign leagues.

Bookmakers such as ZM Betway are developing their offer of football-based bets and are trying to introduce various forms of betting to attract new customers.Betting on the results of football matches a game called Betway jackpot is an extremely attractive offer of the popular bookmaker. Do you know how to play? We invite you to read our article, which will definitely help you in understanding the rules of the game and learn how to play and win the Betway jackpot.

betway ZM jackpot


Betway Zambia 


Betway company is an international bookmaker that has a license to operate in Zambia issued by the government of that country. The company has been operating since 2006, constantly gaining the interest and trust of Betway new customers. Initially, European countries were the main target of the company, but very quickly the huge potential in African countries was noticed. Betway Zambia is one of the most popular online bookmakers among Zambian fans of sportsbetting.


There are numerous welcome and occasional bonuses for players, with Betway jackpot being the flagship offer for Zambian market. Services are offered only to adult players who have access to the Internet and a computer or mobile devices using which they can easily access the bookmaker's website or the official Zambia Betway smartphone application.


How to play Betway jackpot? 


The Betway jackpot is a great way to check ones knowledge of Betway sports and predictions about football matches. Players can verify their knowledge of football teams and their capabilities, as well as test their intuition. By paying only K1 for a single bet, you can win prizes of up to K5,000,000. Predicting the results of the matches that have been selected by the Betway for the jackpot for a given week is the players task.


There are different kinds of Betway jackpots on the Betway Zambia website, and each one of them works in a different way. Let’s take a closer look at them.


Best 1X2 mobile bet


Betting on the match outcome is the player’s task. There are choices that can be made:


    • 1 – betting on the match host team playing on their field bet

    • X – draw bet

    • 2 – visitors win bet


There are three types of Betway bets available: 5, 8, and 15 matches. All the results have to be predicted correctly to claim the particular category of Betway jackpot.


Best Exact match mobile bet


This is a more difficult version in which you need to demonstrate excellent knowledge of the teams participating in the selected matches. The player's task is to predict the exact result of the match. You can choose to predict the results of 3, 4 or 6 matches in one queue.


Best Above/below 2,5 goals mobile bet


This variant is a bit easier than typing the exact result in the match. A single bet consists of 10 matches for which the goals scored in each of them must be predicted. The player bets whether more or less than 2.5 goals  will be scored in a given match.


Handicap mobile bet


This is the most advanced also form of Betway jackpot, which is intended for experienced players. You bet on the results of sport 10 matches using the handicap principle for the host or guest team in one bet.


The big advantage of  the betting method offered by Betway ZM sports is that the player can win smaller prizes even with one or two incorrect bets in the whole bet.


All results can be picked on your own or using the Smart Pick option. This feature is an automatic pick of the results based on previous statistics. It is worth using it, but in fact the greatest fun and satisfaction is the independent betting on results based on your own knowledge and intuition.


After selecting all matches in the chosen option and paying for the coupon, there is nothing else to do but wait for the matches to be played and keep your fingers crossed for the teams that were considered favorites. It is worth remembering that in football, as in any other sport, anything can happen, and the decisive goal may be scored in the last seconds of the match. You always have to believe in victory until the final whistle.


Betway jackpot predictions new mobile sports bet


Betway Zambia jackpot predictions are becoming more and more popular among players. There are numerous websites and groups in social media offering help in betting free or paid.


Some of the offers are really effective, because their authors are experienced tipsters who follow all matches of betway a given team or the entire league, are up to date with all news about teams and their players and have really good intuition.


Unfortunately, most of the offers give no results as they are offered by cheaters looking for gimmicks. That is why we recommend caution and recommend using websites with very good reputation and proven effectiveness.


In our opinion, the greatest satisfaction is brought by betting yourself, using your knowledge, as well as a bit of luck. However, if you decide to use the types available online, you should carefully check the reviews and the effectiveness of the site or group offering paid tips. It is not worth wasting time on  free ones, because it is really hard to verify their source, and the disappointment can be really huge.


To really increase your chances of winning a Betway ZM jackpot, it's worth spending some time watching football matches, tracking news and important information such as the arrival of new players in the team, selling players to other teams, financial problems of teams or injuries to players. This information can help you logically justify your betting. Also, don't be afraid of tips suggested by your intuition. The most important is to treat sport events as fun and not to break down in case of failure. Sports bets are meant to be a source of extra excitement, entertainment, and not a major source of money, so don't take them too seriously.


betway ZM jackpot


Alternative for Betway ZM jackpot 


For all lovers of great emotions, adrenaline jumps, great fun and huge winnings, We’d like to present one of the most popular kind of gambling around the world - lotteries. Zambian Lotto enjoys great popularity among Zambians, but this is not the only game they can play! The lotto world is much more attractive, as evidenced by the growing popularity of GG World Million and GG World X globally. These are the first global online lotteries that are also available in Zambia.


You can play GG World X and GG World Million online at . Tickets for a single draw are available from K8. Can you win more than at Zambia Betway? Yes! Lotteries from the GG World family offer first level prizes with a minimum amount of K18,000,000 kwacha in GG World Million and as much as  K180,000,000 in GG World X. 


We encourage you to play the lotteries available at, which gain popularity around the world. Perhaps the first lottery millionaire will be from Zambia? We keep our fingers crossed for this and wish you good luck in the draw!