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Over 17 million people live in Zambia. Almost 2 million citizens live in Lusaka, the capital of the country. Currently, approximately 60% of adult residents of the country have a smartphone with internet access. The country is constantly developing, it has more and more to offer to residents and tourists. Daily events attract media attention, which is growing in strength and reaching an increasing number of readers. It is impossible not to notice that many people search for latest news and curiosities on the Internet, and Lusaka Times is one of the leading news sites. What were the beginnings of Lusaka Times? What can you find at lusakatimes com? Is it worth to search latest news at Lusaka Times? What kind of information are available at Lusaka Times online site? Let's take a closer look at one of the most popular African media websites - Lusaka Times.


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Lusaka Times history - first steps in the media world


It all began in 1998 during a conversation of friends who were interested in creating a website that would present the everyday life of citizens and the most important events in the country. The first media portal (a prototype of Lusaka Times) was launched a year later as Lusaka Information Dispatch and was financed by funds provided by the Dutch IICD, which were used to purchase the necessary equipment and cover all operating costs, for example a domain for a fresh site.


The original version of the news portal survived until 2002, when most members of the editorial team decided to end cooperation and search and choose their own professional paths, not only in media. Lusaka Times was for them a great experience and really good times.


The idea of Lusaka Times was revived in a better form 5 years later, with a fresh internet domain lusakatimes com, next ideas and enthusiasm. Since 2007, the Lusaka Times news portal has been operating at and is visited by hundreds of thousands of users not only from our country. A lusakatimes com website has a huge traffic from all over the world thanks to the English language and really good news and latest information. This is a proof of Lusaka Times popularity in media industry.


Lusaka Times is a leader and there is no doubt that Lusaka Times will be one of the best media websites on the globe.

Lusaka Times now


Currently, the Lusaka Times portal is operating very dynamic and constantly developing. The editors of lusakatimes com are scattered around the world, working in accordance with the principle of  "open source" and engaging in the development of the Lusaka Times in order to provide people with the latest information in the best form and as soon as possible. The main motivation of the Lusaka Times portal's creators is passion for journalism. Facts and curiosities from such giants in the media industry as Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia, ZNBC and ZANIS are a part of the information available on the lusakatimes com site. 


What’s interesting, not only the media editors and volunteers operating in the Lusaka Times can publish their articles on various topics. Anyone can publish their work on any topic related to Zambia and its citizens, provided that it fully assumes the responsibility for the presented at Lusaka Times content. This means that if you live for example in Lusaka and have observed an interesting event, or would like to share your opinion on various events in the country, you can prepare your own publication and publish it at Lusaka Times. It is worth taking this opportunity to reach thousands of people with your opinions. If you are interested in media and you search for opportunity to publish something at Lusaka Times site - contact lusakatimes com and present your latest articles like sports relations, political latest news, business latest news or like latest news from the world. Our tip: all the media love interesting and moving topics like political affairs or financial problems.


It is worth adding that all content of Lusaka Times is available free of charge. The Lusaka Times portal only gets its fees for advertising and sponsored articles. It should be noted, however, that Lusaka Times publishes only paid articles that present substantive value and can be really attractive to readers.


As for the technical aspect of the lusakatimes com portal - it is a very intuitive website and the publications are very transparent. Readers of Lusaka Times can contribute even more to its development by using comments to share their opinion on each publication and engage in a discussion with the author or other readers of lusakatimes com.


Lusaka Times is not only very popular, but it also has a lot of respect from the readers and competitors of lusakatimes com from the media industry.


Content presented at Lusaka Times 

What you can find at lusakatimes com? What Lusaka Times site has to offer?

Lusaka Times provides news about various areas of Zambian life, as well as the latest events in the country and abroad. You can find news about the latest events from the capital and the whole country. If something interesting happened in political, social, economic, cultural or sport life - Lusaka Zambia will present all the circumstances in a reliable form and as soon as possible.


A lot of publishing space in Lusaka Times is devoted to sporting events. Why? Zambians love sport, and in particular football. The latest reports on local teams and their players or news related to the national team are very popular. Zambian athletes, especially football players, are eager to be interviewed by Lusaka Times journalists because they know that the portal focuses on reliable journalism and avoids gossip and speculation. Trust from sportsmen is a very great distinction, and also a huge responsibility, because you have to make every effort to present just the facts each time, without gossips and unverified information.


The fact that the website lusakatimes com has numerous photo galleries that present the most important events and life of Zambian people is also noteworthy. Readers of Lusaka Times can also participate in the creation of new content and send their own photos related to what is currently happening in the country.


In our opinion about Lusaka Times, the fact that readers can be co-authors of the portal is the greatest strength of the Lusaka Times. Thanks to this, publications and galleries are definitely more interesting than in the case of strictly information websites, where 100% of the content consists of professional publications.


To sum up - every reader of Lusaka Times will find something attractive for himself, and if not - he can prepare an interesting publication for Lusaka Times himself. Published content is also increasingly used by readers from abroad who want to learn more about a country that is becoming increasingly attractive in terms of tourism and economy.


We keep our fingers crossed for further development of the Lusaka Times portal, more interesting news and an even a larger group of regular and new readers of lusakatimes com.


Do you have any favorite content available at Lusaka Times? Which informations you are looking for when you are visiting lusakatimes com?

Lusaka Times is a great source of news and information, so if you search for news not only from Lusaka, but from all over the country, lusakatimes com is the correct address.


If you search more information about Lusaka Times...


If you want to know more about Lusaka Times, you can contact the editorial office of lusakatimes and ask them for example:



We are sure that if you will ask Lusaka Times about the topics mentioned above - you will get the answers and more details about Lusaka Times.

People, who work in Lusaka Times media and write the news, are very open. If you really want to know more about Lusaka Times, they will help you.

We know about one student of media and public relations, who asked Lusaka Times for help with portfolio and master thesis. He wrote about working and writing the latest news as a volunteer at Lusaka Times. He spent some time to prepare a good content for his master thesis, but it was really worth to do that. After studying, he started his career in English media in the United Kingdom thanks to Lusaka Times (lusakatimes com).

As you can see, the Lusaka Times is a great address to gain some skills and experience. Some of the volunteers of the Lusaka Times working there to complete their portfolio and to have better chances to find a great job in media. You also can write as a journalist of the Lusaka Times and try your skills.

If you search for some new experiences - start writing the news for Lusaka Times and lusakatimes com. It can be your passion and hobby and if you will be lucky, Lusaka Times can be your key to the doors of an amazing life, which you will definitely like.


lusaka times at Lusaka Times


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