Agents Marketing program

For shop, kiosk, bar, Office and other business owners.

Make money from your empty advertising space. Share your LottoZambia QR poster with your customers and visitors.

Collect K100 start up cash & Free QR poster & Free lottery ticket + 15 % lifetime income

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Displaying LottoZambia promotion with your unique QR tracking code in your private, public or business premises is the easiest way to connect your business with additional passive income; and at no cost to you. Your customers, visitors, clients, buyers, partners and friends, will see it every time they come to your business place and even to your social media channels. Depending on your audience and the size of your business your LottoZambia poster might be a gold mine. Of course, your QR code and LottoZambia call to action “SCAN ME” should be the biggest and brightest in the environment, but the low risk and none investment costs involved make it an effective strategy for almost any startup entrepreneur or established company.

Order your LottoZambia poster with your Unique QR Code. Free and fast shipping.

Order now, WhatsApp: or Email us: [email protected]


Lotto Zambia shop

Your income - Revenue Share

Whoever scan your QR Code or clicks on your tracking link and sign up it turns into your lifetime customer with industry leading 15% commission on every lottery ticket purchase. No Investment, ticket sale or other commitment is Needed.

Benefits to Agents:

You must make a business decision as to whether you want to promote LottoZambia GG lottery products to your customers. In addition to the commissions earned from promoting LottoZambia GG Lottery, being a LottoZambia Lottery agent has numerous benefits including:.

• No investment needed

• No sales needed

• Increases store sales of other merchandise;

• Make Money 24/7 Online without working;

• Life time passive income; and

• Increased customer traffic.

Order your LottoZambia poster with your Unique QR Code or tracking link. Free and fast.

Order now: WhatsApp: or Email us: [email protected]

Lotto Zambia jackpot

Which type of locations does LottoZambia look for?

Great question! Areas we are seeking to partner with include:

• Bars & Restaurants

• Indoor & outdoor kiosks

• Stores & Gas Station

• Taxi, Bus & Truck Operators.

• Websites & Social media accounts

Have your adverting space in mind? We look forward to hearing that!


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