Sports betting in Zambia

Sports betting Zambia games - where can you play?

Without a doubt, sports betting is one of the most popular forms of entertainment around the world. It brings strong emotions and adrenaline rushes, while making it possible to win huge amounts of money at the same time. Sports betting in Europe or the US is as popular as lotteries and the number of bookmaking keeps on growing every day.


When it comes to African countries, online betting is actually a tradition. It can be said that many years ago old African tribes bet on the results of various events, tribal fights or even the results of hunting. Africans like to have fun, and they have risk and courage in their blood. Besides - who wouldn't want to get some money while having fun? Currently, Africa is developing very quickly, it offers more and more opportunities, and when it comes to the gambling industry - Africa is even matching its offer to other continents.


What does games sport betting look like? Let's take a look at one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in Africa.


sports betting zambia


Sports betting in Zambia games – one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Zambia


Three forms of gambling are allowed in Zambia: casino games, lotto lotteries and of course sport betting. This type of entertainment is open to adults who are over 18 years old.


Online betting is very popular not only because of huge emotions and high winnings, but also because of the sports interests of games. Undoubtedly, football is the most popular sport in bet. Fans follow national team matches as well as their favorite local teams. It's fair to say that games live football, they faithfully support their national team in the African Cup, in friendly matches or on other occasions. Bet on the outcome of matches brings additional emotions.


Fans of huge sports and gambling emotions also willingly bet on the results of tennis matches, boxing fights or cricket. Bookmaking companies are well aware of Zambian interests, which is why they are constantly expanding their offer with new betting methods. We are talking not only about betting on match winners, but also about such variations as Betting platform who will score the first goal, how many goals will be scored by one of the leading national team players or how many games in the match will be lost by Roger Federer, the world's most popular tennis player.


Sports betting Zambia – land-based betting outlets or betting online?


There are several companies operating bet sport betting under license from the bet government. There are also companies operating on the Internet without a bet license. The law does not prohibit citizens from using unlicensed companies, which is why many bet use sports Betting platform.


Land-based betting outlets are available in every city in odds. At the traditional point of sale, you can place bets, pay in cash or by credit card. It is worth remembering that on the occasion of important events or in the case of matches of the national team of Zambia, there are long queues of people interested in betting in stationary sales points.


Zambia online betting, the online gambling form of live betting is an alternative to the traditional bookmaking points. The largest bookmakers operating under a license, as well as companies that do not have this license, meet the expectations of customers and use solutions tailored to the 21st century. Access to websites where you can bet on your bets gives great convenience and some kind of independence, which is why players in odds are increasingly choosing to play over the Internet.


Online sports betting Zambia is an option available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Thanks to the Internet, this form of entertainment is available literally anywhere and at any time of the day or night: sitting on the bus on the way to work, waiting in line to the doctor or just sitting comfortably on the sofa.


Best sports betting websites in Zambia


There are local bookmakers in Zambia, as well as large international brands that adapt their offer to local markets. The choice is huge, which is why it is difficult for beginners to choose a bookmaker that will meet all expectations and ensure safety and a wide range of events to bet on. Below are the most popular bookmakers who meet the expectations of games players.



Bet 365 is one of the leading international bookmakers that has been developing sport betting ZM for several years. It's an international giant that has a lot to offer. Players from odds are attracted by attractive bonuses, live bets, numerous sporting, a wide selection of football matches, as well as an excellent reputation among millions of satisfied players.



BetPawa is a local bookmaker that offers sports betting with a government license. The brand also operates in Kenya or Uganda, and its main goal is to raise the level of bookmaker betting services established and operating in African countries. BetPawa provides its services on a website, and a modern mobile application. Players from ZM can enjoy attractive welcome bonuses, as well as additional bonuses that bring even more fun and greater chances of winning. As befits games, the basis of the offer are football matches not only of ZM teams, but also leagues from around the games.



Betway ZM is an international bookmaker who has a local license to offer bets based on sporting events. It is one of the companies most involved in football - it is a sponsor and partner of the English West Ham United team. As you can easily guess, Betway offers primarily live betting on football matches from around the odds. In addition, the offer for players from ZM includes rugby, cricket, motor sports, boxing, mma and basketball. E-sports are also becoming more and more popular in the offer.



This is another fully licensed company that comes from the United Kingdom, but has decided to launch its branch in Lusaka and offer its services to millions of players in country as part of global expansion. Each month, tens of thousands of matches from around the odds are available to football enthusiasts. There is a lot to choose from and what to bet on. CastleBet offers very high odds in live events, numerous bonuses and instant payouts. E-sports are also available, and access to a modern and rapidly growing application dedicated to players from country is an additional advantage of using CastleBet.


Sports betting or lotto online?


For people, gambling is a way to get away from everyday life, a form of fun, as well as a chance to win money and change their lifes. Sports betting gives you the opportunity to win money, which largely depends on how much money the player invests in their bets. The higher the bet placed, the greater the amount to be won. To win a lot, you have to either place big amount or choose bets in which you will bet on a higher course, i.e. not on the favorite, but on a pretender who will surprise everyone and win.


It’s different with lotto, which is also very popular. Here, if you're lucky, you only need one ticket bought for a fixed amount, which can bring a colossal win! Let's look at an example of the first global online lottery - GG World X, which is gaining more and more fame. A ticket costing K16 gives you the possibility to play for a breathtaking jackpot of K18,000,000!


Of course, you can buy more tickets and increase your chances of winning, but the main prize is predetermined and is certainly many times higher than the prizes you can win in sports betting companies with an investment of 16 kwacha.

sports betting zambia


If you would like to play for huge prizes by investing only K16 in the purchase of one ticket - see the Lotto Zambia offer and get a ticket for GG World X or GG World Million.