The 5 types of people who buy lottery tickets

When it comes to playing the lottery, motivation plays a big role in determining the kind of people who play the games. Different people have different motivations for playing the lottery; however, the biggest motivation is always to win the money on offer.

Why do we have different types of lottery players?


We have different types of lottery players because of the different backgrounds that people come from. For example, if somebody comes from a country that has a rich history in the lottery, then such a person may be different from others.

Access to the lottery games

Another factor that differentiates types of lottery players is access to lottery games. Whilst some countries rely only on the physical selling of lottery tickets, some allow you to buy lottery tickets and play lotto online. Such a level of access differentiates types of gamers.


Motivation is also a major factor that differentiates the different types of people who buy lottery tickets. The different types of people are based on their motivation to play the game. Some do it for fun while others are simply in it for money.
Well, there are many other factors that you can consider when looking at the differentiating factors that influence the different types of people who buy lottery tickets.


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What are the 5 types of people who buy lottery tickets?

1. The gamer

The most popular type of people who buy lottery tickets is gamers. This is an extremely special group of people who are motivated by their intrinsic love for the lottery. Unlike other buyers of lottery tickets, the gamers don’t necessarily look at the reward as the primary source of motivation but rather the excitement that comes out of the game.

Their main goal is to fulfill their deep desire to excite their hearts while playing the game. This is why you will only find them buying tickets to high-risk lottery games. Such games are more exciting to them because of the amount of adrenaline released when there is big money at stake.

2. The behavioral economist

This is the rational type of people who buy lottery tickets. Their rationality is based on their need to assess the risks against the prospects of winning. Of course, any lottery game is a game of chance, and you cannot determine with certainty the odds of winning or losing. However, behavioral economists do their calculations in advance before they invest in the lottery tickets. They prefer to buy lottery tickets online because it gives them the ability to analyze the different games before they settle on one that offers them the best odds.

3. The dreamer

This type of lottery player is one that is constantly dreaming about how they would spend the huge lottery money. A majority of this type see the lottery as the solution to their financial problems. They start planning for the money even before they win it. Regardless of whether they have won or not, they are motivated to buy more tickets and play the lotto online. They take the tickets and plan with them for their lottery tickets are like their tickets to achieving their dreams. Most of them prefer to play for the jackpot prize as it offers the probability of winning more money.

4. The kid who has just turned 18

The lottery is a big thing for children; they always see it as a forbidden fruit that only adults can partake of. This makes them so eager to play the lottery. There have been numerous attempts of children below the legal age trying to buy lottery tickets and play lotto online. Luckily the top lottery sites have a thorough system that locks children out.

Therefore, when they turn 18, they jump into the game because they are allowed to play it. They need to read about the reasons why people play the lottery and find more about the lottery before they can get addicted to the game.

5. The person with nothing else to loose

There is a group of people who do not have anything to lose when playing the lottery. According to them, the lottery is the only option left for them to try and turn the wheel of life in their favor. Such people will bet the little money they have left without any hesitation. They are the kind who keep vigil and check the Zambian lotto results to see if they have won.

Which type of lottery player you are? Regardless of the type of lottery players, the lottery remains an exciting prospect of winning lots of cash prizes.


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