TOP3 lottery winners stories

Have you ever heard of the lottery curse, or even met with the victims of it? You might as well have considered buying lottery ticket but saw it as something that isn't worth it, because there is no reason to risk winning huge on Powerball or Megamillions jackpot when the outcome could potentially lead to a great financial loss, or worse still the loss of life. But do you know, while there are lots of people who are scared of facing the danger that comes with playing, there are even more who continue to go against the odds and keep trying their shot at winning big. Better still, several people have won big in lottery and have had their lives and communities change positively in a big way. Hard to believe? Here are stories of the top 3 of the biggest winners of lottery that we've handpicked for you.

1. The Lucky Family

In 2017, a British family who had previously lived all their lives in abject poverty had their stories turned around for the better, when Kate Ferguson, a member of the family bought a lottery ticket and won them a whooping sum of £3 million! When asked how they came about this, Kate told the story of how she decided to try out her luck, after being told of how "lucky" the house they just moved into was. According to a neighbor, the family who previously lived in the house had also just won a sum of £4.5 million at the national lottery recently. With this information, Kate decided she might as well try out their luck too and went ahead to get a ticket. She then told the story of how astonished she was to find her ticket being drawn on the site some days later. Months later, the family who could hardly get through debts, had become big investment owners, all thanks to the instincts of Kate Ferguson.


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2. The Master Winner

If there was ever a master of the game, Richard Lusting would most certainly top the nomination list. Between the years 1993 and 2010, Richard had won more than 7 times playing the lottery in the heart of Florida, accumulating a total of more than 1 million dollars. The undoubted "master of the game" created his method of beating the odd and making it go in his favor, which helped him become the first and only lottery winner to have won 7 times, and incredibly so. Following his amazing feat, Richard decided to become an author of his book, where he teaches his method and strategies that could help anyone beat the odds and be a jackpot winner too. Among the tips he gave in his book, he recommends that you: pick your own numbers, buy several tickets in a row, don't spend money on tickets, when you can't afford them, and use second chance tickets. So how good were his methods? His winnings tell the bright story because, in 17 years, Richard had won $10 000 with a scratch-off ticket, more than $13 000 in Florida Fantasy 5, more than $3 000 from a second chance ticket, more than $8 000 in Florida Mega Money, around $3,500 from another second chance scratch-off ticket, and more than $100 000 between two plays at Florida Fantasy 5. A huge feat!

3. The Big Fat Jackpot

"El Gordo" as it is natively called in Spain where it is sited, is considered to be the biggest and most generous lottery in the world. Loosely translated in English as "The Fat One", the lottery has a prize pool of about €1.2 billion. This lottery is seen as way more than just a lottery, but as a national institute that comes up every December 22. To that effect, it has been inducted as part of the Spanish culture and it boasts of the participation of about 90% of the population. El Gordo has the biggest prize in lottery history and it is shared among thousands of people. More so, it's not only open for the Spanish people, but it's also available to anyone in the world! Recently, a man won a total of €3 million as a Christmas present, and although he preferred to remain anonymous, he confessed that he couldn't believe his luck and felt butterflies in his stomach. He also told of how he got a brand new BMW racing bike from his winnings!


Winning the jackpot might be a slim chance, but it is not overtly impossible. It just requires having the right strategies and a little bit of luck and your own story could change too. If you want to win such a great jackpot – you can play Zambian lotto online here at As you can see, many lottery winners can do a lot of good with their prizes, both for themselves and the people around them. There's no reason why a jackpot has to make you the target of a curse, in fact, in some states you can remain anonymous. So now that know the exciting stories of lottery winners, do you want to also know why do people playing lottery games? Read our article and think about your motivation to play lotto.


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