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Media around the world play a very important role in the life of modern man. Each of us is looking for fresh news and information and wants to be up to date with events from the country and the world. Access to information is everyone's right and top of the needs, because ignorance raises concerns. The media is primarily radio, press and television, and online media, mainly the news portals. Thanks to them that you can instantly learn what is happening in a given country from anywhere on earth.

Zambia is in the top of the African countries that develop at the fastest pace and offer more and more opportunities. The media in Zambia are also flourishing and thriving, both in traditional form and online. About 60% of Zambians have access to mobile devices, which is why they often choose online news portals instead of traditional newspapers. Zambian Observer is one of the most popular websites presenting news and content from local backyard and in the future can be a leader of local media. Why is it so popular? Is it a good source of news about health, government and UPND? Can you believe in the news and content presented by Zambian Observer? Let's see what zambianobserver com has to offer.




About Zambian Observer

The Zambian Observer news portal was created in 2015 (in the same year Edgar Lungu, a leader Patriotic Front was chosen as a president), so it is a fairly new website, but it does not mean the editorial team of Zambia Observer has little experience. It consists of journalists who have gathered their experience in publications for other newspapers, portals, and blogs. They know how to write good content, which a reader will like, even if an article is about political stuff like UPND, government, president, latest top subjects as Covid-19, etc.

The Zambian Observer - a popular source of latest news and facts runs on Wordpress - a website system that allows you to create an attractive blog or advanced portal at a low cost. Thanks to the template used, the content layout is very clear and intuitive. This is a very big advantage, because the minimalism regarding graphics means that the reader's attention is not diverted from the most important content presented on the website of Zambian Observer.


The primary goal of the creators of this online newspaper is to provide readers with the latest information, fresh news from Lusaka, facts, opinions, realiable information about a president Edgar Lungu, UPND and government, and entertainment. Therefore, the available content is varied so that everyone, regardless of age and interests, finds something for themselves. This goal of Zambian Observer is achieved to a large extent, because every month tens of thousands of people visit the website, and most of them like to use it regularly.

The owners of Zambian Observer portal have ambitions to expand their activities in the coming years, provide even more interesting content, so that the portal becomes the most popular source of information in Zambia. Considering what has been achieved in just 5 years, we do not rule out that they will able achieve this goal.


What can you find in Zambian Observer - the news portal from Zambia?

The publications offered by Zambian Observer media portal deal with many different issues in social, political, economic, sporting and cultural life. The Zambian Observer write about public figures, public holidays, public areas and other important things, which are worth to see and read about it. For example, you can find there a lot of information about president Edgar Lungu, UPND, Minister of Justice, Given Lubinda, etc. In local media, a lot of Zambians search for news about public speaking of a minister of health, because they want to see what he will do with the coronavirus (Covid-19) and other health problems. At zambianobserver com that kind of content and news (especially Covid-19) is even more popular than news from UPND backyard! Every significant event in the local backyard is thoroughly covered to provide readers with a reliable source of information and fresh news.

To learn about foreign policy issues, Patriotic Front news, the latest social activities, news about health, latest cultural events, or latest sports news from the local backyard - just visit the Zambian Observer com portal to be up to date. It cannot be denied that the site zambianobserver com devotes a lot of space to the sport, which is related to the fact that in Zambia, sport, and especially football, are extremely popular.


Publications about the latest foreign affairs and Zambian president and a senior member of Patriotic Front - Edgar Lungu's political foreign visits, and therefore news from around the world are especially popular among the portal’s users. People of Zambia want to know what is happening in the world and what is everybody talking about nowadays. For Zambian this is really important content worth to see and read, so they search for news every day.

News on law, police and the judiciary are an interesting section of the Zambian Observer portal, which is worth to see. Articles such as those describing court judgments or various types of crimes have their loyal readers too. Recently we were able to find out about a court case that a woman had brought to her partner. They were engaged for 9 years, but he still did not decide to marry! Such articles bring both information and entertainment at the same time for the people, who want to see something more than just a normal life.


Of course, apart from serious topics, there is a place for entertainment and articles or photos that relate to funny situations and events from Zambia and the world. If someone likes funny pictures of world music stars – he will surely find them and see in this online newspaper at zambianobserver com. To be honest, all people in the world like to have fun.

It should be noted that the Zambian Observer media portal provides a lot of space for advertising. You can easily see that advertising space is very popular among various companies and business people. It is hardly surprising since the site enjoys a huge number of visits each month. The presence of advertisements on websites nowadays doesn't surprise anyone, because websites need to earn a living to cover the costs of domains or the server and the hosting. Looking at the popularity of the portal, you can guess and even see that it invested in a really decent server that is able to ensure fast operation of the site even with several thousand visits at the same time.


So if you want to know and see something about life in the most beautiful country in Africa, the political news for example about government, president Edgar Lungu, minister Chitalu Chilufya, UPND, minister Charles Romel Banda, minister Lawrence John Sichalwe or minister Jean Kapata and sports news or even about Chinese people in Zambia - the Zambian Observer is here for you! All the public information are worth to search, see and read. If you want to check out for example what the president said about Chinese policy or the fight against coronavirus, you'll find it at the Zambian Observer webpage.

All the readers, who like interesting news and content written by honest journalists, can use the Zambian Observer and read about everything, even about UPND and Covid-19 with the awareness that all the information is reliable and fair.




Hot news for Zambian Observer

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