The History of Keno Lottery

The history of the keno game may not seem to be important to how the game is played but it is very important for every keno game player because the history of the keno game helps every player to understand how the game works – past and present strategy to hit a jackpot. Sometimes, the recurrence of events usually takes place. An idea that worked in the past can be modernized and made effective in this present day. So, having all the knowledge about the history of the keno game will give you a good summary of the game.

Chinese, European or Latin origins

The word "keno" seems like it originated from either Latin or European. Most reporters claimed that it originated from the French. Though, these languages had similar words and phrases which were able to translate the word ‘’keno” which literally means “five winning numbers”. This description is not the exact definition when compared to the present day keno game. The keno game is very credible yet historians still find it difficult to unriddle where and/or how the game got to North America. There is another anecdotal historical explanation of this similar game. It was said that this game became so popular in many disassociated American cities during the middle 1880’s. These cities include Denver, Houston, and San Francisco.

Other historians proposed that the game originated from the Chinese but derived its name from a French name.


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In China

The War:

War has always led to the civilization of man and it has also contributed to the discovery of many things. About 200 years before the birth of Christ, Cheung Leung of the Han Dynasty, went cashless after he had mingled in a prolonged conflict. He discovered that his people were fed up with the payment of tax. He began to think of a liable solution to this problem and came up with a permanent solution – gambling! The keno game became the first potential national lotto. It grew so wide and attracted favor and many people became so addicted to the game. The game was called "White Pigeon" because birds were used to transport results to the undeveloped area in China.

The Great Wall:

The money generated from the keno was proposed to have been used in the construction of the Great Wall of China. The wall was built to protect the Chinese kingdom from enemy attack. The most interesting history was that the construction of this Great Wall started from the 7th century BC and extended for 500 years. This implies that the Great Wall of China cost a lot of money and all fund was generated from the keno game. An architectural report said that the Great Wall of China is over 13, 000 miles in length.

In America

Railroads: In the 1880’s, many people from China immigrated to America in search of railroad work. On getting to San Francisco, there immigrated Chinese introduced some Americans on how to play the keno game. The game became so popular as the rail workers play it as a form of relaxation after a stressful workday. Some of the Americans could not understand the Chinese characters so they found it difficult to play. They had to replace these characters with more convectional Arabic numbers.

Keno Lottery

Just like other games results display the progress of one's effort. Back in history, the Macau government had issued a license to all lottery players. Winners received information on their victory through the use of pigeons. As a result of the occurrence, the ticket was named the “White Dove Ticket”. The sheet used in the keno game consisted of a total of 80 Chinese characters then the winning number was selected from these characters.

As things unfold, the keno game grew so wide in different countries. By 1866, it was said that the game was played in a Houston gambling house. Today, the keno game is played all over the world including Zambia and they all enjoy playing it.

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